To The End of England

One of our most cherished friends celebrated her birthday in June. She chose to celebrate by recruiting us to partake in a mammoth hike to Beachy Head (breathtakingly beautiful, the filming location for the Quidditch World Cup in HP but also a notorious suicide spot) to visit the chalky Seven Sisters.

What an adventure it was!

We ambled over hills and valleys. We accidentally found the final residence of a rather famous detective. We got lost. We missed buses. We laughed. I sulked. We inhaled sea air. I panicked when you walked too close to the cliff edge. We decorated a kite with seaweed then destroyed it. We ate cake. we found a bloody good stick! And we ran down a hill to make the train home again.


  1. Oh my god...how gorgeous...I'm a huge HP fan...;-)

  2. perfect way to spend a birthday, i would love to do something like this. they have suicide watchers i heard on QI last night, only work one day a week though so i cant be much use.


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