MAC Weakness

My MAC weakness comes in the form of their Mineralize Skinfinish. The finely milled  highlighters make me weak at the knees.

I tend to more neutral hues that would provide just a hint of colour and the clean looking sheen that I lust over. 

There are currently 5 MSFs sat in my collection. Hardly worthy of being called a collection I know but these things seem to last and last and I have yet to the the pan of one!

I tend to use them to highlight my cheek bones, to add lustre to a flat looking blush or just to add a dewiness to the complexion when my skin looks sallow. I also use them in place of blush when my skin is in healthier looking states as the MSFs add just the right amount of definition. 

\\ Soft and Gentle
This is a champagne shade with golden peach hues and a gentle silver sheen. This was my first MSF and the one I use the most. I would definitely but another when I hit pan.

\\ By Candlelight
A very delicate pink/beige colour. I like this mostest for winter lights on my pallid skin because it imparts a rather lovely glow.

\\ Petticoat
The raspberry ripple of the makeup world! Pink and gold veins provide a pop of colour and shimmer. My favourite when my skin has a bit of a tan.

\\ Porcelain Pink
A barely there pinky coral with golden shimmer. For me this sits comfortably between By Candlelight and Petticoat and is by far the most chunky shimmer out of the 5.

\\ Semi Precious Pearl
A multi-tasker! Use the outside champagne section as a highlighter or mix it up for a shimmery blush with bronze and copper hues. Iv'e use this but once and liked it instantly and leaving it redundant in my drawer makes me sad....will have to use it more!

What it your MAC weakness??


  1. Uh huh...MAC MSFs as finishing powders are my weakness. I have three shades but none fit me right now as my summer tan is fading. Love the texture! I've yet to venture into the highlighting/bronzing MSFs though....Soft & Gentle looks like a star!

  2. I loveeeeee MAC MSFs! They do last forever so I am also a bit choosy in my "collection," which is actually less than yours, hehe. I love By Candlelight and kind of wish I had gotten Petticoat the second time around since it was a warmer hue then. I may have to give in and get Soft And Gentle one of these days! Thanks for sharing your lovely collection.

  3. I love MAC MSFs too!! They really do last forever..I own 3 and they barely have a dent in them.

  4. I've heard so much about these I totally need to pick up a few for adding dimension on my face! Thanks for the photos!

  5. I have major weakness for them too because they make my skin look so fab.


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