Life is Beautiful

What better way is there to proclaim life's wonderfilledness than by stabbing a shed-load of knives into a pristine white wall? 

Somehow, I imagine that this must be a most stress banishing, anger vanquishing occupation and I am not ashamed to say.....I WANT A GO!

This is the artwork of Iranian artist Farhad Moshiri.

\\ http://www.perrotin.com/artiste-Farhad_Moshiri-40.html

Note: This is a scheduled post.


  1. whoa, now that is freaking genius! i enjoy this a lot

  2. Something ironic about this one I think. But I love it!

  3. I saw this a while back too! It definitely is stress-relieving (we must all give it a go). :D

  4. Indeed this is a very original way to proclame such a sentence! Hello Yasumi! It has been a lot of time (and travelling...) since last time I visited your wonderful blog! Hope everything is well and you are fully recovered from your flue...When are you leaving for your trip? Have a wonderful time!


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