To The End of England

One of our most cherished friends celebrated her birthday in June. She chose to celebrate by recruiting us to partake in a mammoth hike to Beachy Head (breathtakingly beautiful, the filming location for the Quidditch World Cup in HP but also a notorious suicide spot) to visit the chalky Seven Sisters.

What an adventure it was!

We ambled over hills and valleys. We accidentally found the final residence of a rather famous detective. We got lost. We missed buses. We laughed. I sulked. We inhaled sea air. I panicked when you walked too close to the cliff edge. We decorated a kite with seaweed then destroyed it. We ate cake. we found a bloody good stick! And we ran down a hill to make the train home again.

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Life is Beautiful

What better way is there to proclaim life's wonderfilledness than by stabbing a shed-load of knives into a pristine white wall? 

Somehow, I imagine that this must be a most stress banishing, anger vanquishing occupation and I am not ashamed to say.....I WANT A GO!

This is the artwork of Iranian artist Farhad Moshiri.

\\ http://www.perrotin.com/artiste-Farhad_Moshiri-40.html

Note: This is a scheduled post.

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Mechanical Flip Book Peep Show or Eye Spy Wendy Marvel

I stumbled across these great and slightly naughty but still curious works by artist Wendy Marvel on Vimeo. I very much like the stuttering images and clever timing blended with the vintage feeling photography.

01 ASCENSION from Wendy Marvel on Vimeo.

Spilling Water - Mechanical Flip Book from Wendy Marvel on Vimeo.

\\ http://www.wendymarvel.com/

Note: This is a scheduled post.
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Flight Bag Beauty and Some

We all have our favourite bits to take on board a flight in our measly proportioned sarnie bags. Here is what I am taking on my next long haul journey:

\\ Superdrug Swiss Apple Phytocelltec skin renewal night cream (quite a frankly a superb drugstore cream) \\ Lipbalm \\ Eyedrops

My makeup is less minimal:

\\ Lipsticks: Tom Ford Cherry Lush, Burberry Bright Plum and NARS Barbarella \\ Blush: Illamasqua Lover \\ Highlighters: Mac MSF Soft & Gentle, Estee Lauder Modern Mercury \\ Eyeliner: Lime Crime 6th Element, Illamasqua Glint, K-Palette 24hr WP Micro Liner \\ Base makeup: NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturiser, Skinfood Red Bean BB Cream \\ 
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Eye Spy Rune Guneriussen

I find myself rather smitten with the works of Rune Guneriussen this ghastly-grim Monday.

Rune is a conceptual artist who's works are site specific and mainly in the stunning natural surroundings of Norway.

This process involves the object, story, space and most important the time it is made within. It is an approach to the balance between nature and human culture, and all the sublevels of our own excistence. The work is made solely on site, and the photographs represents the reality of the installation itself.

As an artist he believes strongly that art itself should be questioning and bewildering as opposed to patronising and restricting. As opposed to the current fashion he does not want to dictate a way to the understanding of his art, but rather indicate a path to understanding a story.

His work resonates with the kind of quirkmanship that is very much liked in at the House of Worhipblues!

\\ http://www.runeguneriussen.no/index.html

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Sorry for the silence!

A dreadful bout of flu caught me in it's grip. Feeling a little better now so will resume regular irregular blogging soon. 
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Fings What I Like #20

The detail of things can be inordinately important to us. When it comes to cutlery we regard things such as the weight of the fork in one's hand as important as the look of it. The finish, the balance, the angles and shapes that they cast on a dinner table as well as the texture are all important to us. 

We like:

\\ Steel Cutlery designed by Sori Yanagi in 1974 and made in Niigata, Japan.

These were a gift from an amazing friend and they are used everyday with much admiration and with each day of use they look ever more beautiful to us.

\\ Artik Cutlery designed by Laura Partanen and Arto Kankkunen in 1997 for Iittala, Finland.

Pureness in design, clean lines, neat curves and wonderful balance in stainless steel.

All this may sound exceptionally pompous to some but to us, it's just how we do things. Little things matter.
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Even Shorter

I had my hair cut today. As always I left everything up to Hiroko at \\Muku Hair\\ and as always I am super happy with her snipping!

My hair is getting progressively shorter. I miss my long hair sometimes but obviously never enough to grow it out.
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MAC Weakness

My MAC weakness comes in the form of their Mineralize Skinfinish. The finely milled  highlighters make me weak at the knees.

I tend to more neutral hues that would provide just a hint of colour and the clean looking sheen that I lust over. 

There are currently 5 MSFs sat in my collection. Hardly worthy of being called a collection I know but these things seem to last and last and I have yet to the the pan of one!

I tend to use them to highlight my cheek bones, to add lustre to a flat looking blush or just to add a dewiness to the complexion when my skin looks sallow. I also use them in place of blush when my skin is in healthier looking states as the MSFs add just the right amount of definition. 

\\ Soft and Gentle
This is a champagne shade with golden peach hues and a gentle silver sheen. This was my first MSF and the one I use the most. I would definitely but another when I hit pan.

\\ By Candlelight
A very delicate pink/beige colour. I like this mostest for winter lights on my pallid skin because it imparts a rather lovely glow.

\\ Petticoat
The raspberry ripple of the makeup world! Pink and gold veins provide a pop of colour and shimmer. My favourite when my skin has a bit of a tan.

\\ Porcelain Pink
A barely there pinky coral with golden shimmer. For me this sits comfortably between By Candlelight and Petticoat and is by far the most chunky shimmer out of the 5.

\\ Semi Precious Pearl
A multi-tasker! Use the outside champagne section as a highlighter or mix it up for a shimmery blush with bronze and copper hues. Iv'e use this but once and liked it instantly and leaving it redundant in my drawer makes me sad....will have to use it more!

What it your MAC weakness??

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