Thrifty Things

I am trying my bestest to safely stash away my pennies these days and so I have pulled the purse strings as tight as I can! 

I've found it far too easily drop a little fortune on skincare in the past so this is an area where a healthy bit a bit of penny-pinching would come in handy. 

\\ Soap & Glory Catch a Wrinkle

I am genuinely impressed with this moisturiser. It sinks into my skin quickly without leaving behind a greasy trail and doesn't clog my pores and thus no breakouts.

I haven't experienced the exorcism of my wrinkles yet and I am doubting that this is likely as I am currently on my 2nd tube! Alas....at least it does leave my skin feeling super smooth and glowy so enough complaints from me!

This is a light moisturiser and there are times when my dry bits need extra help. This is when I turn to my Pai skin oil, and add a drop or two to the moisturiser(mentioned HERE).

Another purse-friendly item of thriftiness that I have is my home-made Kindle sleeve made using a cotton print and padded for extra safety.

Simple....very simple but protective and easy to slide the Kindle into and pluck it out of! 


  1. what kinda material is the case? pretty neat idea, i'd like a cover for my iphone

    1. Hey Mat!
      I used a printed thick cotton and padding.

  2. Another AMAZING post! Im glad i finally got the time to catch up on your posts!
    I got so busy lately but lucky im back to norm after all my birthday madness.
    I wonder if i can find this moisturizer online? I am hunting for a new one.
    x Sakura


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