Like a Boy

I prefer men's clothes a lot of the time. I wear men's shirts, cardi's and even boxers when I fancy it because these things are comfier than lady versions and I happen to think they suit my mindset.

I appropriated Hiro's old Evisu jeans and paired it with my cotton cardi from COS.
The purple belt is also Hiro's and from Carhartt, my trainers are ADIDAS Superstars.

Photos taken in Soho. Thanks Hiro!


  1. You look lovely - ready to take on the world!

  2. Very cool! I often wish I could pinch S's stuff. Too bad there's such an epic height difference :D

  3. How stylish and well you look;-)
    Those trousers are divine, too.xx

  4. it sounds like a terrible outfit if you just say it but you're rocking it kidda!

  5. Those jeans are so fun, I'd have stolen them, too :) I realized the way I am growing out my hair it might wind up looking like yours, if I'm lucky (long on top, short in the back)

  6. Man boxers are the most amazing things ever ;)


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