A Watery Dream Land

I had no idea how beautiful Venice is. As soon as we set foot on the pavements of the floating city, I found myself in awe of its unrelenting majesty.

When we visited Venice, the sun was ruthless and so the streets were exceptionally quiet for the summer season. This suited us fine, for though it was hot, there was a lot of space to wander and take in the feel of the city.

Walking through and across the ancient streets, shadow-cast alleys and little bridges, I caught a delicate sense of an atmosphere riddled with marvellously elaborate antiquity that still clings to the air here. I can only imagine how truly magnificent Venice must have looked in its heyday and I envy those that would have pranced about in masquerade regalia along its paths.

From the dancing reflections, to the curiously fixtures,Venice is a place so rich in detail that it can be overwhelming.

I hope to visit again so that I may steep my senses further into it's rich brew of stories.

X Thank you EZ for being a truly brilliant and patient guide and Thank you JZ + AZ for letting us have him for the day! This really was the best birthday ever!


  1. you totally adapted yourself to the gorgeousness of Venice, or you are the perfect match. Stunning and a perfect shade of trousers

  2. Venice is one of my favorite cities in the world. The city is a maze and very unique in its own way.

  3. at least you did get to visit, hayday or not. it's a fabulous looking place, one of the places i would really love to visit. great shot down the canal

  4. Wow, Venice is gorgeous!!! you got some beautiful photos. hopefully I will get a chance to visit one day.

  5. Venice wowed me as well. It's like a dreamland with all the waterways, cobblestone streets and no cars! Lovely pics :)

  6. So many books I've read are set here... no wonder, it's such a gorgeous and inspiring place! I love your photos :)

  7. Yasumi, I'm so happy you had such a nice break in Venice! And you look beautiful in those bright palazzo trousers and stripy top!


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