Tofu For You

Tofu and chicken burgers are yum! Seriously tummy rumbling yum! They are a nice and healthy alternative to beef and they are surprisingly lighter too. 

Serve with your favourite sauce (try miso-mayo)and salad, rice or stick it in a bun and chomp away!

\\ Recipe

  • 450 grams of minced chicken (use extra lean turkey if you cant find chicken)
  • 1 pack of firm tofu
  • half an onion finely cubed
  • 1 egg (beaten)
  • Panko (Japanese bread crumbs)
  • Minced or grated ginger to taste
  • salt to taste
  • Cooking oil - vegetable or sunflower will do fine.

  1. Wrap tofu in a paper towel to for about 10 minutes. Unwrap and then microwave for 90 seconds, then roughly break up the tofu with a fork.
  2. Mix tofu, minced chicken, onion, egg, salt, ginger and knead. Add in little portions of panko as you go along till you get a semi firm but still soft mixture.
  3. Divide and roll out into little patties. The patties will still be rather soft and will require care when moving but don't worry they should still hold together!
  4. Add oil into a non stick frying pan and shallow fry each of the burgers for about 5 minutes on each side on a medium-high heat or until brown.
  5. Drain and serve!

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Like a Boy

I prefer men's clothes a lot of the time. I wear men's shirts, cardi's and even boxers when I fancy it because these things are comfier than lady versions and I happen to think they suit my mindset.

I appropriated Hiro's old Evisu jeans and paired it with my cotton cardi from COS.
The purple belt is also Hiro's and from Carhartt, my trainers are ADIDAS Superstars.

Photos taken in Soho. Thanks Hiro!
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Pretty In Case

The new Paul & Joe cases are wonderful, wonderful things for they provide those aesthetically pleased people, such as I, the means to dress their lipsticks up in lovely frocks. Well, sort of.

The cases are available for sale separately from the lipstick bullet. The exterior is cardboard and the base is reinforced with plastic.

The cases are limited edition and cost £5....I can imagine this causing some Pokemon-type "Gotta catch 'em all behaviour" from me. The lippy bullet is £12.00 which is quite reasonable I think, especially when you consider the cost of a  lesser pretty  looking MAC lipstick.

I chose the shade 306, Avenue Montaigne which is a gorgeous berry red. Much to my embarrassment, this seems notably similar to my recent Burberry procurement.

Avenue Montaigne is a pigmented creamy lipstick with a slightly glossy finish. It is not as moisturising as the Burberry's Bright Plum but it is a comfortable wear nevertheless. Paul & Joe lipsticks are made in Japan and like most Japanese lipsticks this is fragrance free.

In terms of colour difference, Avenue Montaigne is more wine red and Bright Plum has a more violet pink hue. Both are lovely but no one needs both of these unless of course you are like me and have a habit of fixating on colours.

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Thrifty Things

I am trying my bestest to safely stash away my pennies these days and so I have pulled the purse strings as tight as I can! 

I've found it far too easily drop a little fortune on skincare in the past so this is an area where a healthy bit a bit of penny-pinching would come in handy. 

\\ Soap & Glory Catch a Wrinkle

I am genuinely impressed with this moisturiser. It sinks into my skin quickly without leaving behind a greasy trail and doesn't clog my pores and thus no breakouts.

I haven't experienced the exorcism of my wrinkles yet and I am doubting that this is likely as I am currently on my 2nd tube! Alas....at least it does leave my skin feeling super smooth and glowy so enough complaints from me!

This is a light moisturiser and there are times when my dry bits need extra help. This is when I turn to my Pai skin oil, and add a drop or two to the moisturiser(mentioned HERE).

Another purse-friendly item of thriftiness that I have is my home-made Kindle sleeve made using a cotton print and padded for extra safety.

Simple....very simple but protective and easy to slide the Kindle into and pluck it out of! 

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So Many Things and More

As you can see, I am still finding distraction in packaging with bold graphics. Here are some of my recent likes:

\\ Wakame rice seasoning, potato starch, toothpaste, matches and salt flakes.

Then it was time for tea!

Fauchon Paris, Thé Parfumé a la peche et Thym is a curious blend indeed. I wouldn't naturally stick peach and thyme in the same teacup yet the very zingy oddness of it pleases me and it perks me up in the afternoons. Ingredients include black China tea, thyme and peach pieces.

Speaking of tea.......

I think these little leaf shaped mints are so lovely to look at. They taste good too. They are made by Sencha Naturals and are made with green tea.

\\ In other news, The Fushigi Shop has been a busy busy little place recently. I've been working hard to prepare everything for tomorrow's Fushigi time when the shop receives a great big update of new fings. The appointed time is: Fridays, 4pm HERE

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A Rasperry Jam Smoocher!

I am really loving the new season's berry jammy moody lip shades and so I was well chuffed when I noticed that I still had enough John Lewis vouchers to grab the Burberry Bright Plum Soft Satin Lipstick....score!!

There is much for me to swoon about over the pigmented deeply jammy raspberry shade so much so that I forget the 1st rule of beauty blogging! Thou shalt snap before thou indulges.

The formula is another thing that gives me cause to celebrate my purchase. Rich in pigment and moisture retaining capabilities yet still managing to be light and smooth.

The packaging is smart and tastefully sleek with a magnetic closing mechanism that give a very satisfying "snap" on closure.

If only this was fragrance free!! I am lamenting the floral sweet scent and damning it to the flowery hell from whence it came for if it weren't there, this would be HG status. Sigh.

\\In other news, you may be interested to know:

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Avocado Toast

Avocado toast is easy to make and delicious. There are fantastic avocado deals in my local market and I can grab 5 for a mere £1!

I've been using these avocados to make a quick lunch for myself and thought that some of you may enjoy this too!

\\You will need:
An avocado
Rock salt or salt flakes
Chilli flakes
A drizzle of olive oil
Good quality bread

Scoop out the insides of an avocado and then smash it up with a fork.

Toast some good bread, I like to use sourdough cut thick and chunky.  Drizzle the toast with some olive oil and chuck some of the avocado on top. Sprinkle on some salt (I like Maldon salt flakes best) and some dried chilli flakes to taste.

Get stuck in!

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| Cemeteries | A Sleeping Lion

I am ever curious. So much so that I can still get lost in my own neighbourhood. This is often mistaken as stupidity (understandably so) but in all honesty, I am often so busy looking for new things along the same-ole same-ole paths that I get caught up in my own curiousity. Silly me!

These photos were taken whilst ambling though Abney Park Cemetery, Hackney.

Have a lovely (and curious) weekend!
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A Watery Dream Land

I had no idea how beautiful Venice is. As soon as we set foot on the pavements of the floating city, I found myself in awe of its unrelenting majesty.

When we visited Venice, the sun was ruthless and so the streets were exceptionally quiet for the summer season. This suited us fine, for though it was hot, there was a lot of space to wander and take in the feel of the city.

Walking through and across the ancient streets, shadow-cast alleys and little bridges, I caught a delicate sense of an atmosphere riddled with marvellously elaborate antiquity that still clings to the air here. I can only imagine how truly magnificent Venice must have looked in its heyday and I envy those that would have pranced about in masquerade regalia along its paths.

From the dancing reflections, to the curiously fixtures,Venice is a place so rich in detail that it can be overwhelming.

I hope to visit again so that I may steep my senses further into it's rich brew of stories.

X Thank you EZ for being a truly brilliant and patient guide and Thank you JZ + AZ for letting us have him for the day! This really was the best birthday ever!

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A Curious Dish of Japanese Style Pasta

Here is another one of Hiro's mixed-up but notably tasty suppers:

Here he has pan fried a selection of Japanese mushrooms (enoki and shimeji) in olive oil with garlic and a good splash of soy sauce.

He has then mixed it into some freshly cooked spaghetti (cooked al dente) and some chopped spring onion, shredded nori and topped with a free-range egg.

Curious, resourceful and delicious.

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A Few Favourites

There are a few things that I have really enjoyed using lately these are now recommendable favourites of mine:

The items here are part of a real mixed bag of tricks both in their origins and purposes.

\\Byredo Parfumes' Sunday Cologne. 

A refreshing, bright, woody , aromatic scent that is most suitable for heat stricken sticky afternoons and evenings. This is my favourite cologne as it brings to mind gentlemen, in fine linen suits on safari sipping gin and tonic under the shade of a Jacaranda tree.

Available in Liberty, London

\\Meiji Amino Collagen Powder

I am a great fan of Collagen supplements. I firmly believe that these have made a marked improvement not only on the outward appearance of my skin but also in my skin's ability to heal itself. Meiji brand Collagen has been one of the best selling supplements in Japan it certainly impresses me. It is much easier to transport than bottled versions and far cheaper too. Furthermore, there is the added flexibility of having the option to mix it into a cold or hot drink.

Bought in Japan

\\Baxter of California Under Eye Complex

So it is a men's eye cream. These often turn out to be just as good and less pricey than the women's stuff! Great for me because it is fragrance free, light and good at de-puffing.

Available in Liberty, London

\\Rohto Hadalabo Gokujyun Super Hyaluronic Moisture Lotion.

A favourite of mine and the husband too. Hiro uses this as a daily light moisturiser during the warmer weather and I use it as a skin prep, toner type thing before applying moisturiser throughout the year to relieve the feeling of tightness after washing. It also comes in handy before applying full coverage foundations and BB creams as it helps it go on easier. A little goes a long way so the generous size lasts us months. Alcohol, fragrance and colorant free.

Available from Adam Beauty

Also pictured and enjoyed recently is the NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturiser mentioned before HERE and the Maybelline 10 Hour Gloss Stain in Fresh Fuchsia.

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Winner Announcement!

Thank you to everyone that joined in the fun and entered my little Liberty Giveaway! 

The winner is:

I am a little sad that there can only be one winner this time around, but, I shall cheer myself up by promising to host an awesome Japanese inspired giveaway soon. It shall be a veritable assortment of miscellany so do stick around for that!
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Happy Accidental

It was in Venice that the sun's glare was far too strong for my eyes and so I blindly took a photo with my trusty iPhone and it was not until I got back home to London that I realised that I caught a rather stunning image.

It's a sunny day in London today. They call such belated summer weather an Indian Summer. I wonder why!
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An Assortment of Things: Seed Beads

These little things, so easily overlooked have their origins some 40, 000 years ago. Who'd-a-thought-it! What I find most fascinating is the fact that archaeologists have found ancient beads in nearly every part of the human world. Beads were used for decoration and even as currency.

My own fixation with beads begun as with most things, began with my mum. She had a selection Japanese seed beads that she had purchased during her only trip to Japan. She would use them in her intricate embroidery and she treated them as though they were diamonds for it was impossible to find such things in Kenya in those days.

I was the original mischievous monkey and so these treasures where stashed away in some concealed part of her room. I never did find them.

I now have my own little collection of seed beads. However, I think that the memory of the beads being mums treasures has stuck to my heart and so I find myself easily captivated by the endless colours, textures and finishes. 

I like to work with Japanese seed beads in particular because of their colossal variety. It is estimated that there are around 900  different shades available in this type of bead. I can't even begin to think of 900 different shades.

I highly recommend Toho, Matsuno and Miyuki beads for their high quality. 

\\ If you too are a bead fanatic, do feel free to ask any questions that you may have in the comment box below. I will do my best to help!

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Thank you to You!

Thank you to all readers of WorshipBlues miscellany, those that have stuck with me from the start, those that have found me along the way and those who have stumbled across me recently!

It's been a some time since last I had a giveaway and so here is a mini Liberty of London inspired prize to Thank you for loitering, commenting, emailing and reading.

\\Win a pair of fine Liberty London notebooks and pencils\\

How To Enter

You MUST be a follower of this blog.

Please leave a comment in the box below.

Open to international entries too!

Giveaway closes on Friday 7th September at 10pm UK time.

Winner will be chosen at random using a random 
number generator.

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Eye Spy Yamashita Kumi

Simplicity with real impact is something often overlooked in our society. Perhaps this is part of the reason why I like this work by Kumi Yamashita.

Entitled, "Origami" and made by gently manipulating paper with her fingers to cast human shadows onto a stark wall.

\\Kumi Yamashita\\
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The Wonder-case of Curious Things

For my birthday, about a month ago now, I received a curious old briefcase from my dearest friends. It is a small, slender thing with a charming amount of age to it and I loved it instantly.

However, the wonderment of their extraordinary gift did not stop there! 

My heart skipped and thudded then effervesced into bubbling delight when I opened the case to find treasure after thoughtful curiosity tucked into each pocket and section.

An old pair of theatre glasses, a brass bell, abandoned photographs, strange picture games, an odd but significant button, a curious metal stamp and a plethora of jokers!! It must have taken ages to collect all these things. 

I collect jokers. Up until the day that I received this marvellous gift, I didn't own very many at all. Now, I am a very proud and protective guardian of a fantastic if not slightly mysterious band of jokers. I shall be introducing them on the blog as time passes.

To find real friends that accept me with all my quirks, baggage, demons, ghosts, madness and worse is a rarity in itself. To find real friends that know me well enough to pick such things that speak to my heart is mind-blowingly, profoundly tremendous.I can never be thankful enough for the events that conspired to chuck us all on the same path! 

Thank you SS x 2!

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