X-pro This London

I love cross processed images be it on film or via a snazzy app! 

I think all my summer memories are naturally cross processed in brain...It's like being in a incessant mental heat-wave brain-wave.

We stopped by the Tate Modern to gawp at the Damien Hirst exhibit. Have you seen it yet?
Never been moved by his work before but I really like his Lullaby series and I really enjoyed this showcase of the development of his career. Highly recommended family day out. Yes take your kids too!

\\Pleated skirt from ASOS Black\\ Leather pep toe pumps from Oasis\\ Orange cardi from COS, Tan leather bag from See by Chloe\\ Pink silk scarf from Eldica Records Dalston\\ Vintage sunglasses\\


  1. Oh, my goodness... I LOVELOVE your outfit! You look so cute <3

  2. gorgeous outfit! AS always very cool and effortless looking! My cousin went to Damien Hurst's exhibition, she said it was a little freaky concernig with dead butterflies lol. Must have been interesting ;)

  3. really into this outfit, bright colours suit you. duly noted the matching cardigan and hand rail

  4. Cross processing is so fun! I've only done this once with film, but definitely will do it again. Cute outfit, too!

  5. Such a cute outfit! I love your bow!


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