The Surrealness of Duckweed

Duckweed is odd stuff. It comes in off the feet of ducks or other water loving birds and colonises still or slow moving water to form vast green carpets of vivid green more-or-less overnight.

To me it looks like a river of pea soup!

These photos were taken on one of our favourite walks. Find out more about it \\HERE\\

\\Socks from Tabio, shoes from Dr Martens, jeans from GAP, pink gingham shirt from Uniqlo, navy cardigan from GAP\\


  1. That is VERY weird! looks like grass! I'd walk on it! (and sink) :(

  2. Ducksoup...mmm...
    I love your outfit

  3. you're funny. it's proper pea-like isn't it. also looks like some green tea that my friend likes, can't remember the name though. really like your docs, champion!

  4. I didn't know they were called duckweed! =p

  5. lovely walk and I like yojur outfit!


  6. Isn't it interesting that the birds bring this to the pond and it can choke the very thing they need to keep them alive. Weird twist on nature. You look fab in the red, love the turn up detail. Xxxx


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