Lolling by Lake Garda

Spending a Saturday lolling in the breezy heat and freshness of Lake Garda is a little taste of pure wonderment. 

Dressed is the loosest clothing I could find to maximise the coolness of any a sudden breeze, we ambled about the shores taking in azure views of the most pleasing sort!

This part of Italy was a place of many memories for our dear friends and to walk in the footsteps of their courting days was just such a delightful feeling. What a lovely thing to share.

This concept of memory is a recurring theme on my blog. I suppose I am rather sentimental by nature in my defence, I think this is just my way of connecting with my surroundings. So to share in the memories from a different place in time is quite a treasured feeling.

Aperol Spritz! Aperol is an aperitif made of herbs and bitter oranges. It is not entirely different from Campari. Aperol spritz sees the union of prosecco and aperol in a refreshing unique tasting cocktail. Good stuff to watch the sun dangle in the sky with. 

Lake Garda and it's hilly flanks make a beguiling place with many lovely places to loiter in memorable surroundings. 


  1. keep on having and documenting your beautiful memories!

  2. Beautiful, beautiful pictures!

  3. In all honesty these beautiful images pulled a little tear out. Stunning scenery. And I agree, scenery like that pulls at your soul x

  4. I love aperol spritz and I'm loving the Daunt tote. I just bought a couple this weekend! Lake Garda looks lovely.

  5. Im so jealous of the traveling you do.
    I love reading your blog makes me feel so adventurous.
    Thanks for a great post!
    Sakura x

  6. Such a beautiful place and I'm glad you enjoyed a w-e in my country! I think I'm also sentimental when it comes to places that are linked to special memories...BTW, Aperol Spritz is one of my favourite aperitif ever! I hope you had the full 'aperitivo italiano' experience with the buffet that goes with the drink...basically, it's a mini dinner!

  7. looks really beautiful there!


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