Once in a while a maker may make something and then think! "F@#K! I made that!! I really made THAT". It is then a race to grab the gossamer threads of inspiration and then run with it.

This very thing happened to me today. I don't mean to sound cocky (pardon me if I do) but I seriously love my Hardware necklace. 

✝The Story:
Shiny hard objects that jostle against each other in an artery of brutal beauty. A frenzy of things that don't normally sit beside each other. Forget guts for garters...wear it as a necklace instead!

✝The Composition:
I worked in a frenzy to combine Swarovski crystal pearls, reclaimed vintage crystal beads taken from a broken chandelier, steel hex nuts from the hardware shop and broken silver plated and gunmetal chains with their bolt rings still attached. The necklace is finished with a gunmetal heart clasp and a chunky extension chain with a tiny rhodium plated padlock dangle.

The necklace measures about 20" long with an additional 2.5" extension chain to allow for adjusting.

★ Only two of these will ever be made and one is mine ★

\\Fushigi Shop\\


  1. It's beautiful. I do adore my necklace so much, you are very clever x

  2. you should be proud of that, it's quite a piece of kit. we do have craft stores in area but they don't seem to have heavy duty enough ones. i'm making things! show soon

  3. So beautiful!

    You are truly and artist, if I found something like this in my jewelry box, I would get mad and not see the beauty in it...

    <3 Rubiiee

  4. I like the contrast of angular metal versus roundness of the pearls...Very unusual and striking...


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