Bite Brick Lane

There is culinarily more to Brick Lane than south-east Asian grub. I enjoy treating my tummy to some adventures from the various market stalls in and around the Sunday UpMarket and though I don't often get to do this these days, here are some of my favourite recent bites:

Jamaican salt fish fritters. 

I am mad about these spicy savouries. These were jazzed up a bit with sweetcorn but I still enjoyed them.

Venezuelan Arepas:

Arepas are cornflour savoury cakes that a usually stuffed with a variety of seriously yum fillings. We opted for some slow-cooked pulled pork. Amazingly yum street food! 

Trying new food from different cultures is a hobby of ours and the various food markets in London have great selections for tummy adventures.


  1. down with this, we don't have the street food culture up north. it's all pies and chips. the salt frits sound decent

  2. I love the atmosphere in Brick Lane! I might go next Sunday and take a trip to Columbia Road too :D

    1. I may pop to Columbia road too. I need to visit Rob Ryan!!

  3. The second one looks delicious! I've never been to London, but I would love to some day!


  4. Cruel post, as I'm hungry all the time XD

  5. Replies
    1. Me too!! I feel like I have been missing out my whole life!!


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