The Case of The Sun Baking Terrapin

Once upon a sunny day last week, Hiro went-a-strolling, strolling by the Regent's Canal. We really enjoy being in the sunshine together, it's a good season to collect memories.

The bright sunlight, causes deep contrasting shadows which I very much like for their drama. Oddly, I have had plenty of compliments on my chambray paper bag trousers. They are very soft and comfortable with a nice drape, so they are my current favourites.

"Soft', must have been my keyword for the day as my top is a super-soft jersey and my shoes, soft and supple tan leather and a silk bow which is also very.......SOFT!  

Hiro who seems to have retained his knack for spotting creatures from his boisterous youth, spied a little terrapin proper chilling in the sun! So cute!! What a poser.

Wonder how he got there? Any guesses?

\\Chambray trousers from Warehouse\\Jersey top from All Saints\\ Shoes from Oasis\\Silk scarf from Eldica Records.


  1. I love your top. I'm really into flowy tops at the moment :)

  2. I love the asymmetrical top. Definitely my style.

  3. Love these photos! x


  4. sure is a comfy outfit, best kind if you ask me. the trousers are really cool looking. ah what a dude, just chillin and illin

  5. your shirt is awesome!! As for Mr. Terrapin, perhaps he came to watch the Olympics! Swimming in particular xD

  6. hehe there are loads of terrapins/ turtles sitting in the park pond outside where we live in Tokyo!

  7. Lovely shots and light. We have these little guys in a pond near us too and I have often wondered where they came from too. Xxxx

  8. I love your sunglasses! I had something similar, but I lost them a few weeks ago at the beach.

    I love turtles!! My phone is full of random pictures of them.


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