Raw Silence on a Sunny Day

I have only nice things to say about the Rouge Bunny Rouge Hues of Enchantment Colour Burst Lipstick in Raw Silence. The colour is a truly lovely cool toned vibrant punchy red with a satin finish and high quality feel.

I am very impressed with the lasting power of Raw Silence. It has a lovely way of fading evenly into a matte stain and lasted me a good few hours that included the consumption of couple of pints.

\\Smoochy swatch. Rouge Bunny Rounge, Raw Silence.

I like this almost as much as my TF Cherry Lush.

 Apart from admiring Raw Silence, I spent part of my day plodding about in the sunshine in my slouchy apparel and learned that if you loiter long enough in Ridley Road Market, the market talks to you in many different ways.

Iv'e found myself subject to a lot of offers in the market during my time in Dalston but the nicest thing to date was the chance to open a trapped lollipop for a little girl lagging behind her mum.

\\Long skirt from Topshop\\Swing top from ASOS\\Liberty print sunglasses from Super Retro Future\\


  1. I really need to jump on the band wagon and try Rouge Bunny. Lovely red on you!

    1. I think you should! There are so many things to like!

  2. gorgeous outfit. photo 3 is incredible: the interaction with the girl...

  3. u always look beautiful w red lips! this shade did not disappoint.

  4. That is such a kind thing to say! Thank you!

  5. i think a plod around your area sounds good, if it wasn't for the nice people making it what it is it wouldn't have the same effect. you're one of the good eggs

  6. Your lips are such a beautiful shape. Gorgeous shade of red and I love your skirt!
    Nic x


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