On The Buses

London buses are full of the varied human experiences visible in this bubbling cauldron of a city. I firmly believe that this multiplicity of diversity is what makes London a great place to live. 

My favourite bus route is the 38. It snakes through the grubby, affluent and tourist stretches of London adeptly depositing the assorted passengers along the way. I like the way that people from all walks of life are huddled together in this roving red tin can for a while.

I glean stacks of inspiration on the buses. 
The melting scenery, the exposed emotions of fellow passengers, the remnants that people abandon on their seats. I've taken in a great many stories on the buses.


  1. I have found memories of bus rides in london

  2. HA! I love the 38. I used to catch it everyday during uni from Dalston to Clerkenwell, its funny how thw landscape would change around the way.

  3. Lovely post - bus is certainly the most superior way to travel in London. It may take 10x as long, but you get to see the city.



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