Miso Fried Rice (みそチャーハン)

Hiro is quite possibly the most resourceful man that I know. He can conjure up (for it does seem like magic) the most tasty dishes with fridge remainders and left overs with very little effort.

Yesterday he came up with some miso fried rice using whatever he could find in the fridge. It was slim pickings as Saturday is the end of the week and the weekly shop yet to be accomplished.

\\Quick recipe:

Left over rice is always best for fried rice dishes. We use Japanese rice.

Scramble the egg(s) and set aside.

Fry some chopped garlic, spring onion and ginger in vegetable oil. Add in the rice and stir, stir, stir till it starts to break apart.

Add soy sauce to taste, a bit of sake, miso and stir some more.

Throw in a bit of what you fancy. Hiro used some frozen peas and sweetcorn.

Chuck in the eggs.

Get that tasty stuff down you!!

Hiro HATES wasting food so I believe this is what drives him to come up with these quick and easy resourceful recipes.


  1. This is really simple and sounds so delicious! Miso flavoring really adds to a dish so this is perfect!

    At first I thought that there was nattou in there but it's the corn. What a relief! Sorry but I think nattou is disgusting. LOL!


  2. I think I'm going to actually try this, it sounds delicious! x

  3. yummo....!! couldnt agree more, leftover japanese rice is definitely the best for fried rice

  4. a man after my own heart, i should give this a go this week

  5. Nice! My husband is better at this than me :)

  6. It looks oishii! I love fried rice and it is such a good thing to be resourceful and not wasteful!

  7. I hate wasting food as well. So many people are starving right now, and would be happy to have anything for lunch. Besides, I paid for that food.

    Smart man!!!


  8. This looks so yummy!! I make fried rice at least once a week with all the left overs in my fridge. I hate to waste food too.

  9. Sounds very scrummy indeed...I've never tried putting ginger and miso in my cha-han...I'll try that next time!!

  10. Yummy!! Fried rice with leftovers is the best!! :D

  11. Delicious ! I tried and succeeded. Easy and perfect to toss whatever I have in the fridge. I love Miso. <3
    Thanks for this awesome recipe !

  12. Yeahhhh...shall be making this!!! Looks so good, I'd eat it for weeks :)))) Yum!! x

  13. Yeahhhhh...looks so good, I'd eat this for weeks...Yummy!! Love it xx


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