Lovely in a Bottle

One of my favourite skincare acquisitions this year has been the Pai BioRegeneration Rosehip oil.

I have been using this for many months now and feel confident enough to say that it is full of good stuff that my skin seems to like. Pai's oil is a blend of fruit and seed oils and is rich in "concentrated Trans-Retinoic Acid" which is meant to be super good for the skin's repair function. It is fragrance free in that is has that natural scent is unobtrusive and polite.

The oil feels just right on my combination/dry/sensitive skin and sinks in with ease. I have used it on it's own during the winter months and have also used a few drops of it mixed in with my moisturiser when it needs ad added boost. I really believe that this oil has helps to keep my skin's precarious balance in check throughout the seasons.

I've also used it on dry patches on my body and it serves well as a cuticle oil too.

Pai's Rosehip BioRegenerate Oil is a vegan product and has the Organic Soil Association stamp of approval. I like this so much that I have bought another bottle already!


  1. I wish I loved skin oils more because loads of them are vegan, but I still can't get over putting oil on my face and not washing it off immediately (like a cleansing oil, I can deal with). :(

  2. Pai is def a brand I'm putting on my shopping list when I visit London in the fall! I've heard so much about it from YT guru, A Model Recommends...She always raves about their cleanser.

  3. I have already heard of Pai, but have not tried it yet. I adore face oils, and currently I use Rodin Olio Lusso, Maran Argan Oil, and Gross Vitamin D Oil Serum. Love them all.


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