KATE Mineral Gel BB Cream

Much to my excitement, KATE (by Kanebo), released their Mineral BB Gel Cream with the promise of providing "superb coverage with a light finish". I could't wait to try it as I have a great fondness for Japanese BB creams.

I bought this from Adam Beauty for the reasonable sum of £12.00 including shipping from Hong Kong. I opted for the #OC-C shade which is the middle ground of the three available and fortunately, this is a good colour match.

I prefer BB creams with a high SPF and this does well to satisfy my criteria with its SPF 30 PA++ rating.

The Mineral BB Gel cream is without alcohol and fragrance and is formulated with jojoba, olive and almond oil as well as water soluble collagen. It does a good job of keeping my skin moist without being greasy nor too oil absorbent. 

The coverage is medium - sheer and the gel factor makes it a breeze to apply. The thing most striking about this BB cream is its lasting power. It clings to the skin in a most light and natural manner yet lasts all day without going awry. 

I am most impressed with this BB cream and would recommend it to others with dry/combination skin. Great value!


  1. OOh you have me wanting to find this.. sounds excellent. Am so in love with my Missha one from Hong Kong..

  2. Many thanks! After reading the review by BeautyBox, and now yours, I just have to purchase this BB cream. I am fond of Japanese BB creams (and skincare in general) as well.

  3. cannot wait to try this one... also do you think that kate bb cream oc- c would suit a mac nw 25 or bobbi brown beige 3 skin tone? how easy is it to remove? i've found with korean bb creams, it almost always needs cleansing oil....

  4. WANT. O_O Oh my gosh, your review really makes me want it!

  5. will give this a try! i am loving the light weight gel bb creams that hv been coming out.

  6. I love KATE products! I wish they'd sell it here like they do in Japan!

  7. I'm intrigued by these BB creams and I would love to try them...do you have any recommendations for BB creams for normal/sensitive skin? Many thanks in advance!


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