E8 ➸ E9 And Back Again

I never tire of walking around Hackney. The scenery is harsh in it's urbanity yet it is metamorphosing as I watch into something new and shining and Olympic. So it is now more than ever that I search for bits of old Hackney....something that resembles the Hackney I grew to love over the many years living in the borough.

With its foreboding tower blocks (most of which have now been blown asunder). With its grubby and at times intimidating side streets.
Even with the great clean-up (lest the world see our seedy festering underbelly) there are parts that still make many think twice before crossing the boundaries.

It's a funny feeling to think the world will be watching Hackney this year. I feel a bit exposed now.....It's my home. If I were to admit something about my life in London, I would say that Hackney made me Love London.

I ♥ my endz.


  1. This is the girliest outfit I've ever seen on you! Niau yo!

  2. lovely stuff, i guess your endz is changing. changing but it won't effect your love for the place though will it. did i tell you i lived in hackney for a bit?

    wicked outfit, the orange things are great. is it a skirt or big strides?

  3. That colour of orangy red is so perfect on you and how your persona both contrasts and also complements Hackney. I wish I had a set of mean teeth like the graffiti above

  4. impressive art work on the building in the last photo. these are menacing.

    1. Aren't they indeed! Menacing gnashers!

  5. Oh I love Hackney as well- there are so many great places (and I will be one of those people now watching from afar!)

  6. I started my London life in Hackney too, but have lived many, many places around London since and love most of it really. I think when things are not too shiny they lend more character. Xxxx

  7. While the pictures of Hackney are stunning, I'm mesmerised by your outfit: such a nice combination of shades on beautiful silk!


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