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Those countries on the Continent package things oh-so-bloody-lovely well. My packaging obsession will not ever find any respite at this rate!

Above we have; Alantoine hand cream from Portugal, around since 1928/D.Barbero Limoncello Chocolates from Italy/444 an unusual aftershave balm from Portugal/La Barca anchovies from Greece/Measuring tape from Germany/A tin of tuna from Italy/

I hope you enjoy this edition of Assortments. It's always nice to know that there are other packaging nuts out there!


  1. I should send you some old Droste Chocolate tins with one of those hooded Dutch ladies or one of the collection she has *link*

  2. This is the type of packaging I like too. Xxxx

  3. you know i love it, where have you been picking these things up? i have a shoe box full of packaging, mostly paper and little things but i even have beer bottles in there

  4. I was staring at this picture and noticed the measuring tape... I kept thinking "This looks similar to one of my dad's from Germany..." Very cool. :]

  5. Oh I'm there with you. And also with MW above, I have some old Droste tins and they are beautiful!


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