The Colour of Obsession. Yumeko's Weekly Challenge

It is with much disappointment that I don't often have time to participate in \\Yumeko's \\ weekly photo challenges but this week's was a real corker and I just had to make time to join in.

Now the aim of the game is to have a good old rummage through our makeup collections and dig out some of the following colours:


I have learned that I am tediously boring with black despite the fact that I seem to have a lot of black clothing, I seem to have distanced myself from true black makeup aside from the usual suspects.

The sooty loot: Tokidoki Arte Palette\L'oreal burning black Infallible\Zoya Ki\Rimmel Black Out\K Palette Real Lasting Eyeliner\Majolica Majorca Lash King Mascara.


 I learned that I buy plenty of brown but rarely reach for it these days and so I cannot find the bulk of my collection.

The mucky militia: Lunasol Geminate liquid liner in Khaki Brown\NARS cream shadow in Ponderosa\Canmake Moist Souffle Shadow in Mocha Brown\ RBR in Bohemian Waxwing \Visee Smacky Glam palette in Bitter Brown\ Visee Duras Ambient palette in Beige Brown.


I have learned that I am officially rubbish with white makeup. I have a skinny collection that includes a cheat! See that Lunasol palette? It has pink and brown and silver in in too!


The Pale party: Lunasol LE Xmas 2009 White Lightning Palette\ Lunasol Germinate liner in \ RBR Mattifying Primer\ NARS Albatross Highlighter\ Dior Sparkle Shine lipgloss\ Too Faces Shadow Insurance in Candlelight.


I like orange and it shows! I will happily wear it anywhere...I have been tangoed!

The Garish Brigade: Etude House LuciDarling Miss Berry Berry palette\ Nails inc InStyle magazine freebie\ Majolica Majorca Puff de Cheek tinned blush in OR302\ RBR lipgloss in Relish of Heaven\ Canmake Cream Cheek blush in Vitamin Orange\ Shu Uemura shadow in P Orange 200\ Revlon Lip Butter in Tutti Frutti.

\\The Most Popular Colour in My Collection

Predictable but true! Red is the colour of my makeup obsession!

I wear it on my lips, cheeks, nails and eyes. I love red and I cannot help it and yes this is a problem.

Red the colour of guts, danger, determination that little can hide behind. I think I like it so much because it is so assuredly forthright.

Thank you Yumeko for this challenge and look into the psychology of my makeup!


  1. lol everyone complains abt the white XD it had to be a challenge. even for me, i had a lot of difficulty finding it too hahaha

    your orange collection is fab and of cos..red..you are the girl for that :D

    how is ur lash king going for u? i hate mine XD i sworn off majo mascara but i figured..oh something new, i will try but sadly it disappoints me again

    1. It makes me cry! Literally...ouch!!! Clumpy bumpy painful lashes!

  2. and thank you for joining! [i pressed publish too soon XD]

  3. Hehe white is really hard!

    Your red collection is amazing!! I really like red on the cheeks :D

  4. your photocompositions are quite lovely :)

  5. I really like orange too! I think your collection of white is far better than mine :]

  6. I LOVE this post I LOVE your photos Sumz, gorgeous.

  7. I hestitated doing the challenge but I didn't...I love whites, btw, especially in eyeliners: I wish more white eyeshadows would come out.

    BTW, is that Tom Ford the Cherries something lipstick? I tried that in Berlin last week and kinda liked it: I have to order it online if I still want it but I already have his fab Violette Femme...*hesitating*

  8. i looove the Burning Black Infallible. silly me forgot to photograph that. how do you like the Lash King? I haven't used mine yet.

    and i looove your collection of red. very you indeed =]

  9. I loved reading this! Such fun it was. I particularly liked your little phrases for each colour. :)

  10. Fun post :) I go through phases with colors... red eyeshadow was a phase, as was red blushers last summer. I was crazy about hot pink, super-bright lips last Spring. Now I am so boring with my makeup... The most color I wear is a natural blush. Somebody help me bust out of this rut!

  11. What absolutely stunning collections you put together, Love the brown especially! x

    Island Girl Insights ♥

  12. Great post!
    I love red and black cosmetics, too.


  13. you have a gorgeous red collection! Yeah I do shy away from white.. perhaps non-existence ...


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