Working it!

I'm afraid that this post is not as glamorous as it may sound! 

I work from home and rely on multi-tasking to the 9th degree in my everyday activities. I move from sitting at a desk to kneeling by my makeshift tripod to standing and ironing and sitting cross legged to work on our low tables. Wearing comfortable, loose, breathable clothing has become my essential uniform.

Unfortunately, I am unable to find such clothing easily and inexpensively in London and so I have decided to make my own!

I used the Dress Shirt pattern from \\Merchant &  Mills\\ and some white medium weight organic cotton. The finished article has a lovely weight and feel to it and allows plenty of room and flexibility for my hectic movements!

I am happy with my 1st attempt, at a dress and everything is far more even in reality than in the photo! I promise! 

I am sure that I shall be making more for myself in the near future. I hope you won't mind me showing you what I come up with!

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The Case of The Sun Baking Terrapin

Once upon a sunny day last week, Hiro went-a-strolling, strolling by the Regent's Canal. We really enjoy being in the sunshine together, it's a good season to collect memories.

The bright sunlight, causes deep contrasting shadows which I very much like for their drama. Oddly, I have had plenty of compliments on my chambray paper bag trousers. They are very soft and comfortable with a nice drape, so they are my current favourites.

"Soft', must have been my keyword for the day as my top is a super-soft jersey and my shoes, soft and supple tan leather and a silk bow which is also very.......SOFT!  

Hiro who seems to have retained his knack for spotting creatures from his boisterous youth, spied a little terrapin proper chilling in the sun! So cute!! What a poser.

Wonder how he got there? Any guesses?

\\Chambray trousers from Warehouse\\Jersey top from All Saints\\ Shoes from Oasis\\Silk scarf from Eldica Records.

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Top Top Coats

If ever you get the chance to try a Japanese Gel top coat then jump to it! They are great. I would try to show you pictures of the lovely effect they have, but, all my attempts have been rendered futile and it is near impossible to capture a good likeness. So, you are just going to have to take my word for it...they are BRILLIANT!!

Gel top coats leave a super glossy finish and set with a jelly-like "plump" look. They work really well with my Fushigi Shop nail stickers, glittery nail varnishes and all polishes that I have tried them with. These are my favourites.

\\Left to right: Parado Glossy Gel Crystal and Plump, Kiss Me Nail Mente Top Coat, Esprique Gel on Top Coat.\\

Some of these can be found on Adam Beauty. But, I sall try to get hold of some when next I visit Japan to add to the shop for those of you who are interested.

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Lovely in a Bottle

One of my favourite skincare acquisitions this year has been the Pai BioRegeneration Rosehip oil.

I have been using this for many months now and feel confident enough to say that it is full of good stuff that my skin seems to like. Pai's oil is a blend of fruit and seed oils and is rich in "concentrated Trans-Retinoic Acid" which is meant to be super good for the skin's repair function. It is fragrance free in that is has that natural scent is unobtrusive and polite.

The oil feels just right on my combination/dry/sensitive skin and sinks in with ease. I have used it on it's own during the winter months and have also used a few drops of it mixed in with my moisturiser when it needs ad added boost. I really believe that this oil has helps to keep my skin's precarious balance in check throughout the seasons.

I've also used it on dry patches on my body and it serves well as a cuticle oil too.

Pai's Rosehip BioRegenerate Oil is a vegan product and has the Organic Soil Association stamp of approval. I like this so much that I have bought another bottle already!

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Raw Silence on a Sunny Day

I have only nice things to say about the Rouge Bunny Rouge Hues of Enchantment Colour Burst Lipstick in Raw Silence. The colour is a truly lovely cool toned vibrant punchy red with a satin finish and high quality feel.

I am very impressed with the lasting power of Raw Silence. It has a lovely way of fading evenly into a matte stain and lasted me a good few hours that included the consumption of couple of pints.

\\Smoochy swatch. Rouge Bunny Rounge, Raw Silence.

I like this almost as much as my TF Cherry Lush.

 Apart from admiring Raw Silence, I spent part of my day plodding about in the sunshine in my slouchy apparel and learned that if you loiter long enough in Ridley Road Market, the market talks to you in many different ways.

Iv'e found myself subject to a lot of offers in the market during my time in Dalston but the nicest thing to date was the chance to open a trapped lollipop for a little girl lagging behind her mum.

\\Long skirt from Topshop\\Swing top from ASOS\\Liberty print sunglasses from Super Retro Future\\
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Bonjour Maison Sajou

There is something marvellous about the presentation of Sajou's items. Maison Sajou was founded in France in 1828 as purveyors of sewing notions and haberdashery. Here is my little collection of items.

Maison Sajou have some truly beautiful items and both crafters and packaging enthusiasts will enjoy browsing through their website.

\\Maison Sajou\\

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Early Birds Get Good Fish

If you live in London, love fresh fish and seafood and waking up at 3am doesn't phase you, then a trip to Billingsgate Market really ought to be done at some point!

I am frightfully cantankerous in the mornings so this is not something that I often do. In fact, I only went as our pregnant friend had a persistent craving for octopus and had been frequenting the market over the previous few weeks unsuccessful in her attempts to secure her catch!

Despite the ghastly early hours, the market is bustling with activity and I had to wake up fast and keep my wits about me. There are buyers from top London's finest restaurants, shoppers, porters, sellers and more dashing here and there with buckets of fish scented water being unceremoniously splashed about the floors. Wellies and your lesser loved clothing is a good idea.

The sellers are full of banter and happy to engage in some bartering and a bit of chit-chat. They all seem very proud of their stock.

The fish looked very fresh and the reward for the early adventure is a pick of the freshest at very reasonable prices.

If you are of a sensitive disposition (or vegetarian) then you probably won't enjoy this experience, but I would definitely recommend a visit at least once to any Londoner.

If you do decide to partake in this adventure, then do take the following with you:

  • Bin liners to carry your purchases home without stinking out your car.
  • Wellies.
  • Tissues.
  • Newspaper to line your car floor with.

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I don't business if I look messy. We should all slouch our style and allow ourselves to lay-back our primping and preening as often as possible.

I am what I am even when I am not at my most presentable, I am at least, comfortable.

\\Hoodie is vintage Evisu\\Leggings from Topshop\\T-Shirt from Tusker Lager bought in Kenya\\ Trainers from Converse\\ Scarf Topshop\\
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KATE Mineral Gel BB Cream

Much to my excitement, KATE (by Kanebo), released their Mineral BB Gel Cream with the promise of providing "superb coverage with a light finish". I could't wait to try it as I have a great fondness for Japanese BB creams.

I bought this from Adam Beauty for the reasonable sum of £12.00 including shipping from Hong Kong. I opted for the #OC-C shade which is the middle ground of the three available and fortunately, this is a good colour match.

I prefer BB creams with a high SPF and this does well to satisfy my criteria with its SPF 30 PA++ rating.

The Mineral BB Gel cream is without alcohol and fragrance and is formulated with jojoba, olive and almond oil as well as water soluble collagen. It does a good job of keeping my skin moist without being greasy nor too oil absorbent. 

The coverage is medium - sheer and the gel factor makes it a breeze to apply. The thing most striking about this BB cream is its lasting power. It clings to the skin in a most light and natural manner yet lasts all day without going awry. 

I am most impressed with this BB cream and would recommend it to others with dry/combination skin. Great value!

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Miso Fried Rice (みそチャーハン)

Hiro is quite possibly the most resourceful man that I know. He can conjure up (for it does seem like magic) the most tasty dishes with fridge remainders and left overs with very little effort.

Yesterday he came up with some miso fried rice using whatever he could find in the fridge. It was slim pickings as Saturday is the end of the week and the weekly shop yet to be accomplished.

\\Quick recipe:

Left over rice is always best for fried rice dishes. We use Japanese rice.

Scramble the egg(s) and set aside.

Fry some chopped garlic, spring onion and ginger in vegetable oil. Add in the rice and stir, stir, stir till it starts to break apart.

Add soy sauce to taste, a bit of sake, miso and stir some more.

Throw in a bit of what you fancy. Hiro used some frozen peas and sweetcorn.

Chuck in the eggs.

Get that tasty stuff down you!!

Hiro HATES wasting food so I believe this is what drives him to come up with these quick and easy resourceful recipes.

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Summer Cleansers

These are the things I am currently using to keep my face clean this summer. I flit between them depending on the feel of my skin and the time of day.

The Softymo Renew Wash is excellent in the evenings as it does a thorough clean leaving my face squeaky clean and smooth without feeling too tight. I always take my makeup off with an oil cleanser (if I have bothered to wear any) before using this and I find that the Renew Wash takes the residual oil and muck off nicely. 

Purity Made Simple feels more gentle so it is my preferred choice in the mornings. It also works very well with the Clarisonic MIA.

Purity Made Simple is available in Boots and the Softymo wash can be found on Adam Beauty.

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On The Buses

London buses are full of the varied human experiences visible in this bubbling cauldron of a city. I firmly believe that this multiplicity of diversity is what makes London a great place to live. 

My favourite bus route is the 38. It snakes through the grubby, affluent and tourist stretches of London adeptly depositing the assorted passengers along the way. I like the way that people from all walks of life are huddled together in this roving red tin can for a while.

I glean stacks of inspiration on the buses. 
The melting scenery, the exposed emotions of fellow passengers, the remnants that people abandon on their seats. I've taken in a great many stories on the buses.

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Patch it up!

I came across the work of \\Dispatchwork\\ and have been inspired to fix London! I just need to dig out some old LEGO....who's in?!!

Let me know if you do some "patching up" I would love to add a link/photo/doodle to my blog.
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Blow Me Down With A Feather...

Just letting you know that I have twisted and bent metal into shape and have now added my hand-made ear cuffs to \\Fushigi Shop\\ window.

Find a feather, pick it up, blow the world away with it and make a wish!

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What Do You Dream About?

I dream in Technicolor and sordid schematics. I dream in absurd regurgitated inklings of mental brick-a-brack.......lucid, vidid and unforgiving.

What about you? Tell me!
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Speckled Nails

What is the difference between speckles and freckles? Is it simply that freckles appear on the face? Anyway, here are my freckled/speckled nails:

Weapons: Nubar Black Polka Dot + Nails inc for InSyle Peach Sorbet.

I like it!

I have the white version too...must put it to use!
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| Packaging | Continental

Those countries on the Continent package things oh-so-bloody-lovely well. My packaging obsession will not ever find any respite at this rate!

Above we have; Alantoine hand cream from Portugal, around since 1928/D.Barbero Limoncello Chocolates from Italy/444 an unusual aftershave balm from Portugal/La Barca anchovies from Greece/Measuring tape from Germany/A tin of tuna from Italy/

I hope you enjoy this edition of Assortments. It's always nice to know that there are other packaging nuts out there!

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E8 ➸ E9 And Back Again

I never tire of walking around Hackney. The scenery is harsh in it's urbanity yet it is metamorphosing as I watch into something new and shining and Olympic. So it is now more than ever that I search for bits of old Hackney....something that resembles the Hackney I grew to love over the many years living in the borough.

With its foreboding tower blocks (most of which have now been blown asunder). With its grubby and at times intimidating side streets.
Even with the great clean-up (lest the world see our seedy festering underbelly) there are parts that still make many think twice before crossing the boundaries.

It's a funny feeling to think the world will be watching Hackney this year. I feel a bit exposed now.....It's my home. If I were to admit something about my life in London, I would say that Hackney made me Love London.

I ♥ my endz.

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The Colour of Obsession. Yumeko's Weekly Challenge

It is with much disappointment that I don't often have time to participate in \\Yumeko's \\ weekly photo challenges but this week's was a real corker and I just had to make time to join in.

Now the aim of the game is to have a good old rummage through our makeup collections and dig out some of the following colours:


I have learned that I am tediously boring with black despite the fact that I seem to have a lot of black clothing, I seem to have distanced myself from true black makeup aside from the usual suspects.

The sooty loot: Tokidoki Arte Palette\L'oreal burning black Infallible\Zoya Ki\Rimmel Black Out\K Palette Real Lasting Eyeliner\Majolica Majorca Lash King Mascara.


 I learned that I buy plenty of brown but rarely reach for it these days and so I cannot find the bulk of my collection.

The mucky militia: Lunasol Geminate liquid liner in Khaki Brown\NARS cream shadow in Ponderosa\Canmake Moist Souffle Shadow in Mocha Brown\ RBR in Bohemian Waxwing \Visee Smacky Glam palette in Bitter Brown\ Visee Duras Ambient palette in Beige Brown.


I have learned that I am officially rubbish with white makeup. I have a skinny collection that includes a cheat! See that Lunasol palette? It has pink and brown and silver in in too!


The Pale party: Lunasol LE Xmas 2009 White Lightning Palette\ Lunasol Germinate liner in \ RBR Mattifying Primer\ NARS Albatross Highlighter\ Dior Sparkle Shine lipgloss\ Too Faces Shadow Insurance in Candlelight.


I like orange and it shows! I will happily wear it anywhere...I have been tangoed!

The Garish Brigade: Etude House LuciDarling Miss Berry Berry palette\ Nails inc InStyle magazine freebie\ Majolica Majorca Puff de Cheek tinned blush in OR302\ RBR lipgloss in Relish of Heaven\ Canmake Cream Cheek blush in Vitamin Orange\ Shu Uemura shadow in P Orange 200\ Revlon Lip Butter in Tutti Frutti.

\\The Most Popular Colour in My Collection

Predictable but true! Red is the colour of my makeup obsession!

I wear it on my lips, cheeks, nails and eyes. I love red and I cannot help it and yes this is a problem.

Red the colour of guts, danger, determination that little can hide behind. I think I like it so much because it is so assuredly forthright.

Thank you Yumeko for this challenge and look into the psychology of my makeup!

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