I think it's about that time when I whittle on about colours and a few random objects that are stashed away in our little abode! Today it's all about white...bright white and those things close to it.

Bright sparks in my life tell me that, White is the blending of all colours. Funny that! Because its looks less messy than it sounds when put like that.

There is something about white that screams..."TRY to keep me clean, if you can". This is why I rarely wear white. White makes me nervous. I feel exposed in a white room, stark and horribly conspicuous with nothing to blend into.

YET....at the same time. I find white objects soothing, tempting and really quite covetable despite their demanding cleanliness. Too much white stuff and I would wind up being a bit loopy with the duster!


  1. yes i totally know what you mean, i hardly ever wear white, only white t shirts under stuff. but i do have a lot of white bits and bobs around my house. they feel clean and finished. everything else i have is mad though. nice post

  2. As Matt said, white can also be very clean and I find off-white shade very relaxing when it comes to decor and very chic when it comes to clothes. I don't even attempt to count my many white/off-white tops: I love them because they are the perfect base for one of my huge necklaces or colourful scarves...

  3. Mmmm white I can see why you added the 3 pronged trident to the mix here - little devil will always spill something on it. Bags and camera straps play havoc with white too. Xxx


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