Shimmering Seas

GOSH's Ocean is a lovely green/blue with winks of purple in the right light shade.

It is a bit on the thick (bordering gloopsome) side but this allows a suitable opacity in 2 licks of the brush.

I paired it with a Japanese glitter polish that I had lurking around. I don't often see a nice blue glitter and this one has served me very well for the past couple of years. The shade is BU-20 from KATE (owned by Kanebo).

I think the pair of polishes compliment each other nicely and tell a silent tale of adventures upon shimmering seas very well. A bit of imagination required.


  1. Looks gorgeous, such a nice combination x

  2. Omg...awesome combo. I love both shades terribly! I recently picked up a shade with a similar color and finish as the base teal you used from a korean brand HD. Just love the glitter coat...they do really compliment each other!

  3. Oooh, I love this combo <3

  4. Wow, so pretty!! Too bad I can't pull off blue shades on my nails, or else I would rush to the stores to get this! xX

  5. What a beautiful combo! I think you are ready to jump into the ocean and become a mermaid, hehe. I love the color and shimmer for summer!


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