Saebana Creamy Glow

I often hear much raving and celebrating of these Creamy Glow lipsticks by Suqqu. In all honesty, I have always happily forgone them because of their hefty £27.00 per pop price tag. Then a friend bought me one insisting that I would LOVE the texture and colour...bla bla bla. How could I refuse?!

I relent! These are good enough to tick many boxes. They are very moisturising, so much so that the effect lingers on longer than the colour does without falling into lines in that ghastly way that some lipsticks do. The colour is subtle but flawless in its quiet elegant glow. The packaging is sleek and they are unscented.

Suqqu's Creamy Glow formula is very light on the lips with no waxiness at all so it applies like a dream. I really like Saebana (which is shade #1 in the collection) now that I have it but I very much doubt that I would empty out the contents of my wallet in Selfridges' Suqqu counter to buy more....This could pay for some yummy food after all. Nevertheless this is a very welcome gift and I can see myself enjoying it for months to come!

Here it is smeared on my mug along with a lick of Barry M's liquid eyeliner in LE3.

If you would like to read more about Suqqu's famous lipstick, please do take a look at the ever so stunning Drivol about Frivol's post \\HERE\\


  1. Ah, you know I adore a lovely pink lipstick - thankfully these are out of my reach or I fear I'd indulge!You look lovely :)

  2. It looks so stunning on you and that eyeliner is truely amazing. I like my Suqqu lipstick that I have but I actually think that Maquillage is quite similar in moisturizing.

  3. Heehee oh Suqqu!! XD

    The colour looks really pretty on you!!

  4. Youre cool, youre very cool

  5. You look beautiful! And we should definitely go lipstick shopping together...I'm sure you'll give me great advice on labels and shades!


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