The Quest for Pukka Skin

I've noticed that more and more skincare companies are now doing these very handy trial kits. I am all for them. I think it's a great way to try things out before splurging on a new range.

My latest trial and error kit was the 'Five Steps to Radiance' Organic Skincare Collection from Pukka who are probably better known for their teas.

This is a smartly presented kit with a selection of 5 items that cover most of the basic skincare requirements. I say MOST as there is no eye cream.

I think this is nice travel friendly collection with just enough contained in each little tube for me to really get a feel of each product. The tube and spray contains 10ml + the sachet contains 2ml of facial oil.

\\Revitalising Formula - Radiance Serum 
Contains aloe vera + manuka honey.
This was a miss for me, it felt far too light for my dry/combination skin and often left my skin feeling a little tight.

\\Total Repair Complex - Nourishing Night Cream.
Contains frankincense + avocado.
I prefer rich night creams and often find myself opting for oil serums at night to really pack in the moisture while I slumber. This was a bit on the light side and may suit normal/combination skin types better than mine.

\\Deep Nurture Complex - Moisturising Day Cream.
Contains organic neroli + shea butter.
This smells and feels wonderful on my skin. It's soothing and moisturising and sinks right into my skin. This is the star of the collection for me and I would certainly consider buying a full-sized item which is not too steeply priced at £26.

\\Skin Purifying Formula - Gentle Cleanser.
Contains rosewater + green tea.
I am not a fan of this. It is very gentle but my skin doesn't feel clean after using it. It leaves a slightly waxy film in its wake that really bothers me.

\\ Skin Firming Formula - Uplifting Toner.
Contains organic rose + orange flower.
Another miss for me. I dislike the scent which to me is a akin to the squashed dirty flowers that I used to swirl around in water when I was a kid playing "perfume maker". This also contains alcohol which I find too harsh to use as a facial mist.

\\ Mature Skin Formula - Firming Face Oil.
Contains arnica + rosehip.
This is a thick and quite greasy facial oil that had difficulty sinking into my skin. I think this was too heavy for me so my skin felt rather congested after a few attempts with it. I may try it again in a few years when my skin is more...mature?

I am glad that I tried these items. I was drawn in by their paraben, petrochemical, synthetic fragrance and colour free philosophy. I suppose 1 hit item out of 5 isn't too bad going is it?

Have you tried any Pukka skincare items? I would like to hear your thoughts. 


  1. As soon as I read the title I was like PUKKA, like the tea?! :) Turns out wasn't just me imagining things!

    It's a real shame 4/5 products weren't really right for you, but at least you liked 1!!!

  2. I love trial size kits, they're great for travelling too! It's a shame about the misses, but at least you've found one brilliant product! x

  3. Cute set! I haven't tried this but I recently got a similar sampler of MyChelle products. You might like them (if available in the UK), and their sampler came with eye cream.

  4. I mainly associate Pukka with Pies. Pretty good pies at that. Shame they don't do skincare too well.

  5. I love your (honest) reviews! I didn't even know that Pukka has a skincare range...


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