Labour And Wait

I want to tell everyone about one of my most favourite shops in the whole wide world ever.

Labour and Wait on  the corner of Turville Street and Redchurch Street sells everything from hardware, clothing and stationery to generally useful and practical things.

I like the simple layout of the shop, it speaks volumes of the pragmatic philosophy of Labour and Wait. 

We have assembled a carefully curated collection of new and vintage items, some of them familiar, others waiting to be discovered. These everyday classics will not date but will mellow with age and are destined to become favourites.

It was impossible for me to leave empty-handed.

I bought some bottle brushes with thick cotton end that helps to clean all sorts of nooks and crannies. These are especially useful for cleaning my drink bottles {HERE}.

I also bought some cards of waxed linen threads and a handsome ball of German legal string. I am not actually sure what legal string ought to be used for so I'm hoping that it will add an air of distinguishment to my {Fushigi Items}

Final on my purchase list was this lovely in everyway enamelled pie dish.

I am delighted with my purchases and thoroughly enjoyed nosing about Labour and Wait. I have a soft spot for timeless functionalism in design and the shop is rife with such products.

The shop has that curious blend of vintage nostalgia and modern tactility down to a perfect harmony.

{Labour And Wait}


  1. I love the look and feel of this store! It has that "natsukashii" feel to it with items that are reminiscent of an old general store. It's definitely a place that I could spend some time browsing.

    Thank you for sharing your favorite shop.


    1. Funny enough, this shop has a few branches in Japan. No surprising no?!

      I like that word...なつかしい!

  2. What a nice shop! I haven't seen a bottle cleaner in a shop for...I don't know how long!

    Legal string? I've never heard of that. But I do know that US cups (measurements) are known as legal cups? Maybe it is related to that? Or maybe not at all!

    I love enamelware! We used to have quite a bit at home...my parents laugh everytime they see it in shops when they see it at a considerably marked up price. It reminds them of the days when they were in China. Everyone used to have enamelware under the commies!

  3. Appallingly I have never been here, even though I have drooled over pictures of the shop for years. And now I have a hankering for German legal string - words I never thought I would say!

    Penny Dreadful Vintage

    1. I am entirely supportive of you also buying some German legal string! Apparently it is quite the thing to make special things tamper proof!?

  4. In case you really wonder what legal string is used for: It is, for example, used to tie pages of legal documents together. The ends of the string are then sealed to the document so that you cannot insert or take out pages. It is also used to close and seal boxes or other containers to ensure that no one can temper with them. You have a seal as well, don't you? Perfect combo!

    1. You are brilliant for knowing this! Thank you!

  5. Charming store concept ^.^ I have kept pretty bottles only to unsuccessfully try to wash them up after they get dusty... those dusters look mighy handy.

  6. Can't wait to go here! I checked their website and am eyeing the brush holder XD Perfect for cleaning our make-up brushes? :D

  7. Eek The Bottle brush cleaners reminds me so much of GCSE science! Test tube cleaning was such a chore. :) Nostalgia.

    My mother has been on a home cleaning product rampage recently too

  8. as i mentioned i'm very familiar with labour and wait, i based my final campaign at uni around functional timeless shops like this. i created one aimed at the male market, a cross between this and pedlars. have you been in there?

    it's just a nice place to wonder around, everything feels carefree when you get in there. never in a rush, always finding useful things. the pie dish is de-lish!

  9. They carry some interesting and uncommon products, looks like a good place to browse and shop.


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