Exhibit A

My favourite blush at the moment has to be NARS' Exhibit A. It is flabbergasting in the pan and still a shocker on the brush, but with a bit of buffing and blending, it comes out loverly-jubberly!

I splurged my SpaceNK points on this pan of ruddy vibrance and I think it was well worth the spend. 

A light touch is required when handling Exhibit A. Heavy-handedness may leave you resembling Anpanman, If you don't know who I mean, you may like you click HERE. This is my first brush with matte blush and I think this may be the start of a new happy union!

I would like to think that I manage to achieve a slightly but nicely flushed look with this. 

Other makeup used: Benefit Posy Tint and NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturiser.


  1. That's seriously a beautiful colour! But I think Sleek has a dupe for it? I love your freckles ^^

    1. Thank you! Great tip about the Sleek dupe too.

  2. This is gorgeous on you! Everybody needs a matte blush, and everyone needs a colour like this in their stash!

  3. Aiieeeee what a bright colour in the pan! *runs and hide* You look lovely wearing it though! =)

  4. Gorgeous colour! Yeah I do find that NARS blushes need a very light hand...points well spent ;-)

  5. You look so pretty :) I love how red blush can be so natural with a light hand.

  6. You definitely achieved a great look with this! You self-portraits are always so beautiful...


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