Saebana Creamy Glow

I often hear much raving and celebrating of these Creamy Glow lipsticks by Suqqu. In all honesty, I have always happily forgone them because of their hefty £27.00 per pop price tag. Then a friend bought me one insisting that I would LOVE the texture and colour...bla bla bla. How could I refuse?!

I relent! These are good enough to tick many boxes. They are very moisturising, so much so that the effect lingers on longer than the colour does without falling into lines in that ghastly way that some lipsticks do. The colour is subtle but flawless in its quiet elegant glow. The packaging is sleek and they are unscented.

Suqqu's Creamy Glow formula is very light on the lips with no waxiness at all so it applies like a dream. I really like Saebana (which is shade #1 in the collection) now that I have it but I very much doubt that I would empty out the contents of my wallet in Selfridges' Suqqu counter to buy more....This could pay for some yummy food after all. Nevertheless this is a very welcome gift and I can see myself enjoying it for months to come!

Here it is smeared on my mug along with a lick of Barry M's liquid eyeliner in LE3.

If you would like to read more about Suqqu's famous lipstick, please do take a look at the ever so stunning Drivol about Frivol's post \\HERE\\

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I think it's about that time when I whittle on about colours and a few random objects that are stashed away in our little abode! Today it's all about white...bright white and those things close to it.

Bright sparks in my life tell me that, White is the blending of all colours. Funny that! Because its looks less messy than it sounds when put like that.

There is something about white that screams..."TRY to keep me clean, if you can". This is why I rarely wear white. White makes me nervous. I feel exposed in a white room, stark and horribly conspicuous with nothing to blend into.

YET....at the same time. I find white objects soothing, tempting and really quite covetable despite their demanding cleanliness. Too much white stuff and I would wind up being a bit loopy with the duster!

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Osusowake Means To Share

"Osusowake" is a wonderful Japanese word and concept. 

Its history lies in the sharing of things between friends. I think historically it commonly referred to the unused remnants of kimono fabric being given to a friend to make use of it. In it's most basic translation, it is to share with others what has been given to you. 

These little Plum Blossoms were handmade by me out of fabric, that has been passed from friend to loved one to me to use for my little shop. They are full of heart and well wishes!

These are made of vintage Japanese crepe fabric, precious gold thread and Japanese glass beads. Due to the cut of the fabric and my irregular hand, each blossom is individual.

I have turned my little plum blossoms into hair pins here but I confess, I am planning on putting them to use in many different ways.

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Exhibit A

My favourite blush at the moment has to be NARS' Exhibit A. It is flabbergasting in the pan and still a shocker on the brush, but with a bit of buffing and blending, it comes out loverly-jubberly!

I splurged my SpaceNK points on this pan of ruddy vibrance and I think it was well worth the spend. 

A light touch is required when handling Exhibit A. Heavy-handedness may leave you resembling Anpanman, If you don't know who I mean, you may like you click HERE. This is my first brush with matte blush and I think this may be the start of a new happy union!

I would like to think that I manage to achieve a slightly but nicely flushed look with this. 

Other makeup used: Benefit Posy Tint and NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturiser.

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Sparsely Sparkle

I like my glitter sparse.

No7's Stay Perfect Glitter Top Coat in Gold is just perfect for this.

It works well over a candy shop of colours!

Over Mavala's Toulouse.

Over China Glaze's Refresh Mint.

The Stay Perfect Top Coat was a limited edition item and was well worth grabbing at the time with my £5.00 off voucher!

Do yo have favourite glitter top coat?

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The Constructively Therapeutic World of The Kokeshi Tokyo Tower Girls!

//Vanity Fashionista// and I got a hold of some Nanoblock kits (itsy-bitsy micro lego-like-stuff) and decided to do a post on our created pixelated scenes.

Here is my little world of the hippest girl duo to hit playlists with their synthy sounds......... 

The Nanoblock kits were not difficult to put together. The instructions were very clear  and easy to follow. This is a  great way to get stuck-in and forget other stuff.

I wish you all a fabulous weekend!

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My Wonky Red Heart

I bought a lovely shirt in Japan. It is made of a white airy, light cotton and has the sweetest Peter Pan-like collar. Then, last week,I lost its top button. I suspect that the washing machine may have swallowed it.

So, went on a little mission to replace the lost white button with a red heart. 

I didn't have to venture far in my search as I found some delightful red hearts in Ray Stitch.

The wonky red heart was just perfect for the job! It is made of painted ceramic and was imported from South Africa where is was hand-made and fairly traded before in landed in London.

I am pleased with the result. So pleased in fact, that I plan to replace future lost buttons with mismatched gems like this.

Where do you suppose lost buttons end up? I fancy that there is a huge mountain of the things somewhere in an abandoned Underground station.

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Stripes + Oxblood

Hello! This is me, scruffy and striped on a Saturday stroll.

As you can see, I am pointing at my shoes because I want Hiro to take a photo of those and not me.

However, he wants to take a photo of my dress and bag.

And now, he wants to capture my nails. 

Ah! Finally! My shoes! I love my stompable nearly bouncy oxblood red Dr Martens. I am looking forward to getting old with them.

\\Shoes from Dr Martens. Tights from Tabio. Dress from French Connection. Cardigan from GAP. Bag by Fred Perry. Nail sticker by Fushigi Shop.\\

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Labour And Wait

I want to tell everyone about one of my most favourite shops in the whole wide world ever.

Labour and Wait on  the corner of Turville Street and Redchurch Street sells everything from hardware, clothing and stationery to generally useful and practical things.

I like the simple layout of the shop, it speaks volumes of the pragmatic philosophy of Labour and Wait. 

We have assembled a carefully curated collection of new and vintage items, some of them familiar, others waiting to be discovered. These everyday classics will not date but will mellow with age and are destined to become favourites.

It was impossible for me to leave empty-handed.

I bought some bottle brushes with thick cotton end that helps to clean all sorts of nooks and crannies. These are especially useful for cleaning my drink bottles {HERE}.

I also bought some cards of waxed linen threads and a handsome ball of German legal string. I am not actually sure what legal string ought to be used for so I'm hoping that it will add an air of distinguishment to my {Fushigi Items}

Final on my purchase list was this lovely in everyway enamelled pie dish.

I am delighted with my purchases and thoroughly enjoyed nosing about Labour and Wait. I have a soft spot for timeless functionalism in design and the shop is rife with such products.

The shop has that curious blend of vintage nostalgia and modern tactility down to a perfect harmony.

{Labour And Wait}

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The Quest for Pukka Skin

I've noticed that more and more skincare companies are now doing these very handy trial kits. I am all for them. I think it's a great way to try things out before splurging on a new range.

My latest trial and error kit was the 'Five Steps to Radiance' Organic Skincare Collection from Pukka who are probably better known for their teas.

This is a smartly presented kit with a selection of 5 items that cover most of the basic skincare requirements. I say MOST as there is no eye cream.

I think this is nice travel friendly collection with just enough contained in each little tube for me to really get a feel of each product. The tube and spray contains 10ml + the sachet contains 2ml of facial oil.

\\Revitalising Formula - Radiance Serum 
Contains aloe vera + manuka honey.
This was a miss for me, it felt far too light for my dry/combination skin and often left my skin feeling a little tight.

\\Total Repair Complex - Nourishing Night Cream.
Contains frankincense + avocado.
I prefer rich night creams and often find myself opting for oil serums at night to really pack in the moisture while I slumber. This was a bit on the light side and may suit normal/combination skin types better than mine.

\\Deep Nurture Complex - Moisturising Day Cream.
Contains organic neroli + shea butter.
This smells and feels wonderful on my skin. It's soothing and moisturising and sinks right into my skin. This is the star of the collection for me and I would certainly consider buying a full-sized item which is not too steeply priced at £26.

\\Skin Purifying Formula - Gentle Cleanser.
Contains rosewater + green tea.
I am not a fan of this. It is very gentle but my skin doesn't feel clean after using it. It leaves a slightly waxy film in its wake that really bothers me.

\\ Skin Firming Formula - Uplifting Toner.
Contains organic rose + orange flower.
Another miss for me. I dislike the scent which to me is a akin to the squashed dirty flowers that I used to swirl around in water when I was a kid playing "perfume maker". This also contains alcohol which I find too harsh to use as a facial mist.

\\ Mature Skin Formula - Firming Face Oil.
Contains arnica + rosehip.
This is a thick and quite greasy facial oil that had difficulty sinking into my skin. I think this was too heavy for me so my skin felt rather congested after a few attempts with it. I may try it again in a few years when my skin is more...mature?

I am glad that I tried these items. I was drawn in by their paraben, petrochemical, synthetic fragrance and colour free philosophy. I suppose 1 hit item out of 5 isn't too bad going is it?

Have you tried any Pukka skincare items? I would like to hear your thoughts. 

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Primped + Peculiar

On the shelves of the Fushigi Shop, you may come across a small collection of handsomely packaged decorative nail stickers (very useful for occasions that call for a little fancy detail). 

I created these in the hope that they may add a whisper of individuality and eccentricity to a personal look.

I have included instructions on the back of each pack but nevertheless, I thought it may be helpful to write a few tips on using these for anyone that might be interested. 

\\1. Use a good sharp pair of scissors to carefully cut around the image you would like to use. You don't have to be too accurate as the transparent filmy sticker is quite forgiving. 

Try to leave about 1mm around the perimeter of the image when cutting out.

\\2. Peel off the sticker from the brown backing paper. Flicking a corner of the sticker helps it come away from the backing paper more easily.

If you find that flicking doesnt work for you, try holding the cut out sticker firmly with one hand and then place your finger on the edge of the sticker and pull it towards you. Make sure your fingers are dry!

There is a brown backing paper with a red grid marked on it to make identifying the sticker and backing paper more obvious.

\\3. The sticker is matte and quite flexible/stretchy. Once you have removed the backing paper, you can stick it onto a dry nail. Rub it it on with your finger to ensure that it has properly adhered.

\\4. Secure into place with a good clear top coat. 

I like to use OPI RapiDry TopCoat or a Japanese gel type top coat (my favourites are by Parado, Majolica Majorca and Esprique)

The Peculiar Things + The Ladies in Shadow nail stickers are available in the Fushigi Shop.

Grey nail varnish is Grey Matter by Rimmel.
Peach nail varnish is Magic by Mavala.

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Bollo de Arroz

Last week, my taste buds discovered Bollo de Arroz. These are Portuguese rice flour muffins with a delicate and fresh lemony tang.

These are so simple yet delicious. I shall make it my aim to learn to make them. 

This has become a new habit of mine. See something, try to make it at home.

We made another discovery yesterday. We found ourselves dozing in front of the retirement home of an apparently famous sleuth. All shall be revealed soon enough.

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Me as a Mod

Never in all the years that I have resided in UK have ever seen so many Union Jacks billowing in the breeze. Never. I think 2012 will be the year of the Union Jack......

My outfit is my personal homage to the Mod subculture of the 60's. I fancy that I would have been mod had I lived back then. In the present, I plod about in my Fred Perry garments, oxblood red Dr Martens and shake my riddim-maker to Jamaican ska and rocksteady on 7" vinyls.

Incidentally, do you like my new hair? I keep having it cut shorter and shorter. It is actually cut close on the sides, longer at the top and the back. I will get back to you with more photos of my "do" soon.

When I first trod on UK soil I had friends who were averse to the Union Jack. "There ain't no black (or yellow) in the Union Jack", was the common exclamation.

Today, I live in London. The most culturally diverse city in the world I am certain. Yesterday I learned that there are around 300 languages spoken here...THREE HUNDRED!! I don't think there are that many countries on this planet. Alas, this year it seems that the rest of the world will be watching London, let them see that there is more to us than the Union Jack.

In other news >> I opened the FUSHIGI SHOP/ふしぎやさん today. Please do stop by and take a look!

Photos taken in Shoreditch by Hiro.
Hair was cut by Hiroko of Muku Hair.

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