Waiting To Be Refilled

Despite not liking the flavour, I buy bottles of Blackcurrant soda from M&S because it is cheaper than buying empty bottles of this particular style:

The rubber-lined ceramic stopper is creates an air-tight seal that prevents dribbles and spills.

For some reason known only to my odder silent self, I think they are beautiful.

Hiro loves mugicha. Mugicha is roasted barley "tea" and though it is known mainly as a summer thirst quencher, it is enjoyed all year round in our home.

We delight in having a couple of chilled bottles waiting for us in the fridge. One brewed strong, one weaker. The cups are handcrafted Japanese pottery. Little things make us happy.


  1. OOOO!!! I love those kinds of bottles too. When they are brought to the table in restaurants when you ask for water I always secretly want to run off with them.

    I do have one question though: Those mugicha teabags are BLOOMIN'MASSIVE. How do you get it through the opening of the bottle? And, more importantly, how do you get it out after it's soaked with water and even bigger?!! I bought a glass fridge jug so we can have cold mugicha too...it's 1.7L, which we easily finish in one day!

  2. The secret is thus:

    I make it in a huge jug, wait for it to cool and then pour it into these bottles.

    I really understand....it's so drinkable!!

    1. Ohohohoh.. I see, that is your secret! Quite sensible. I had rather envisaged chopsticks and a lot of pushing and pulling involved. You have a great deal more common sense than I!

  3. Awh, thank you for your comment, it made me smile! :) I really like that bottle, interesting bottles fasinate me!

  4. A great way to recycle that pretty bottle - I have to say it does look better than a normal mugi-cha jug ;)

  5. Not odd at all...these are beautiful bottles! And makes sense to buy these than the empty ones which are more expensive...Loving your new header...;-)

  6. Beautiful bottles. I bought a jar crafted in Japan made to infuse ice tea directly in the fridge. I used it every day. ^^ I need to try mugicha.

  7. so good and as you know i have no bought one too, i got the elderflower though i wish i wasn't fizzy. not into fizzy drinks. i'm going to put some tea in it and bang it in the fridge, cheers!

  8. You have such a unique and delicate taste for everything: from clothes to decor. That Japanese pottery is lovely...I will go to Tokyo in September and if you know the city, I would love to have your advice to prepare the trip!


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