Seeing Through The Voile

As I near an intersection in my life, things start to get a little blurry. Impenetrable intentions seem to quiver in the breeze caused by nervous outbursts. Goal posts that I had so carefully marked out, are now enshrouded with a nebulous fog. Damn my fretful nature! 

I need a storm lantern and a solid walking stick. I need to bite hard into my determination. And in the meanwhile city that I seem temporarily residing in, I continue to make my magicsome things for the //FUSHIGI SHOP//

How do you deal with bouts of nervousness? 


  1. I am afraid that, at this juncture in my life, the answer is medication!

  2. You sweet thing. I love this image.

    I was taught a great trick for calming nerves by a guy who trains people for media interviews. He said to exhale all the air out of my lungs, like you're blowing up a balloon, until they feel empty. I do lots of little slow breaths out, using my nose as a stopper (!!! - it will make sense when you do it lol)

    Then take slow, deep breaths in to refill your lungs. This replaces the stale air with fresh air and really does have a calming effect... try it!

    Nic xx

  3. I write all the pros and cons and then try my best to think about the issue before bed. My dreams usually give me the answers or calm me of my worries. A good drink works too. =)

  4. If only I could write as well as you. <3 Fushigi shop told me to come back soon. Is it down? x

  5. not really but i do feel lost

  6. intriguing picture...

    about scheduling life, I used to be completely planned out but life went so irregular that it's difficult to think too far ahead. For some people it can work out perfectly according to plan, for other's there is some flexibility needed

  7. When I'm nervous, thoughts continue to swim in my head and forces me awake :( I just have to fight them head on, even though it makes my stomach all funny lol.


    Can't wait to see you soon!! <3

  8. Oh gosh you have just put into words how I am feeling. the best way I have found is to relax and breathe, sounds obvious but it is amazing how you are not doing this correctly when you are nervous. And laugh, always makes me feel happier. Xxxx


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