Friends of Worshipblues: Mina Hamada

It's been far too long since last I exposed a friend of Worshipblues, so, today I have an extra special one to add to the mix. Mina who is family to us. 

In her own words;

I'm drawing pictures and making picture books// Pinto y escribo los cuentos,poemas,hago libros...

Mina is Japanese, born in New Orleans USA, and now lives in Barcelona where she has been finding her ground and spreading her wings artistically. 

I enjoy the energy of her work. I feel that as she does not confine herself to galleries, the energy, vibrancy, and spirit of life transfers itself onto her canvas with such buoyancy that I cannot feel anything but real happiness when I see her paintings.

[Visit Mina's Blog Here]


  1. Thank you for the introduction to Mina's vibrant colours and painting. The last image is such a great display of her art.

  2. Wow, just wow! Especially the mural!

  3. i absolutely love these, would love some of her style of art hanging up in my house. it's so vibrant and uplifting

  4. You have absolutely amazing friends! Mina's work is so bright and makes me feel a bit less tired just looking at it! Wow...

  5. Stunning!!!


  6. Oh she is marvelous. Thank you for show her to us. Xxxx

  7. wow i'm looking at her masterpiece in the last pic - how awesome is that!


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