Eye Spy : Yellena James

I am feeling rather soothed this morning and I am certain that it's partly due to my visit to Yellena James' Etsy shop where I spent moments loosing my morning moodiness in her ethereal sceneries.

I can imagine her work translating very well onto silk scarves. In fact, I fancy that idea very much!

In her own words:

"Within each piece I try to create an intimate world that posesses its own ethos and its own emotional range."

Loose yourself in the worlds of Yellena's pen/ink/marker drawings {HERE}


  1. gorgeous header! visiting her site for sure

  2. i agree, they would look really nice on silk scarfs

  3. good morning ol worm

    I am pleasantly caught up with your blog until December 2011...i must say your odder than ever (a good thing) how are you

  4. hey hun, thanks for you sweet words. It really perked me up ♥

  5. I see how you would get lost in this wonderful work. I would adore silk scarves with these images on too. Xxxx

  6. Beautiful, I feel drawn inside these images. Very similar to the feeling I get when watching Miyazaki's Ghibli studio films.


  7. Oddly organic and inspiring.
    Very much like studying the cellular structure of mythical creatures.


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