City of No One

Trying our utmost to assume the stealth of the ninja, we have been exploring abandoned/derelict/forgotten places again with some of our excellent and supportive friends.

Preservation (misjudged or not) of this place prevents me from disclosing it's exact location. But, I am sure that you can imagine our feelings when we stumbled right into it.....quite accidentally.

This is but an accelerated breeze through our experience via photos quickly taken with my trusty iPhone. I will be doing a more thorough job of the story very soon.

Splendid weekend adventures to all!


  1. I dono, kind of reminds me of the house I could afford to rent with two roomates during uni ;)

  2. little bit of urbex-ing ayyyyyyy! love it, so much so that I have wasted so many hours of 28dayslater forum and I did a whole project on the subject at uni. have you been on that site, I assume you have if you're interested in that sort of stuff. luckily hollie and my best friend are too, i find it and the historical relevance probably one of the most fascinating and attainable things about. Please post more

    1. Thank you Mat. I normally get strange looks from people when I mention my "hobby".

  3. Great photos! I love the feel of abandonment in these pics. Very mysterious.

  4. What an amazing place. Peely painty, great for fashion shoots too.

  5. interesting yet eerie to see this abandoned place..

  6. I really enjoy reading your adventure posts! I smiled a knowling smile when I saw the pic of the dead bird! Only you Sumz! x


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