Cherry Lush in Sunny Feelings

The sun is out and so is my bright mouth.

Tom Ford's Cherry Lush rules the red lip roost.

//Applied while listening to Two Door Cinema Club's "eat that up, it's good for you: 

You would look a little better
Don't you know
If you just wore less make-up
But it's hard to realise
When you're sky high
Fighting off the spaceships


  1. A delightfully playful and stylish post. Adore your red lips and your pearl of words.

  2. Oh my...!!! Beautiful color, and beautiful lips!!!


  3. No one pulls off a red lip quite like you my dear! You look fab!

    And how do you get your lip lines so crisp? Do you use lip liner?

  4. You look stunning in red lipstick. :) Wish I could pull it off like you. :'c


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