Betty's Coffee

I enjoyed my brief pit stop at Betty's Coffee a few weeks ago. It's a lovely place to gather one's thoughts and get a little respite from the rain or sun.

I am not a coffee drinker so I cannot comment on that part of the menu, but, I did have a delightfully presented and refreshing Earl Grey which I enjoyed immensely with my peanut butter cookie.

I am looking forward to visiting Betty's again. I am looking forward to sipping on a nice cuppa in their courtyard while the pleasant weather is still smiling on London.

Betty's Coffee
510b Kingsland Road
London E8 4AE


  1. You sure do know some wonderful coffee and tea establishments. Xxxx

  2. Delightful place, you have a beautiful London.
    I miss the time that I didn't like coffee...officially, I still don't drink coffee either but chocolate/coffee blends.

  3. what a quaint spot for coffee!! i would much rather prefer this than stuff served in a paper cup.


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