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Pretty Lovely

Some palettes are just so hopelessly beautiful outside and in. How am I to use ever use these?

Visee have been coming up with some gorgeous looking palettes lately. For those that don't know, Visee is a Japanese drugstore brand and you can see more of their offerings [HERE].

I am a lucky girl as all three of the above were gifts from dear my friends Yumeko and Rie.

I decided to decorate my photo in a shamelessly efflorescent manner today. I hope you like it and that you are not holding your breath in hope of swatches!

Drivel about Frivol has swatched the Smacky Glam BR7 palette HERE

Both these palettes are limited editions. While I believe that the Smacky Glam versions are no longer available the Rich blushes can be bought from Ichibankao or Adam Beauty.


  1. Super cute packaging and super pretty colours :D
    Wish I knew how to read Japanese and know where to buy them :/

    1. Hello Lily, You can get some of these on Adam Beauty or Ichibankao.

  2. I love Visée palettes ! They are gorgeous, the colours are always very subtle. These look amazing !

    1. I knew you would too Musey! I like the subtle finish of the Japanese palettes during the day.

  3. This is the reason why I rarely use eye shadow: they look so much better in their lovely boxes!


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