The Lights

I feel so blessed to have such creatively quirksome friends around us! Up there with the most marvellous of minds is our buddy who made these:

Completely marvellous in every single way, these pendant lights were made using lego Mini Figures and porcelain bowls!

//Listening to NAS, NAS is like:
My poetry's deep, I never fail.."
"Nas is like.. half man half amazing.."
"No doubt.


  1. You my dear, are a wonderful person that attracts wonderful friends.

    These are cool beyond words!!

  2. I have to say, those are some interesting objects you got there and I personally think Nas is a lyrical genius.

  3. these are just excellent, do they sell them? i'm currently working on your illustration

  4. Oh my gosh, these made my day :) thanks to your friend and you for making me smile!


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