Bunny in my Pocket

I bought this tee for a single £ in Brighton. It was in a big bin of discounted items outside a shop.

I am really glad that I bought it. I am not usually one for cute furry big-eyed creatures but, this particular bunny was just too cute to leave behind. I think he got me with the pocket posing.

Have you bought any smile inspiring bargains lately?


  1. I am also not usually one for woodland creature prints, but this is lovely! the rabbit just peeking out of the pocket is very clever! And such a bargain!

  2. Oh he is very cute - love your collection of Little People too!

    Nic x

  3. as a bunny mummy I'm in love with this t-shirt and what a bargain for something so lovely.

  4. that's really sweet isn't it, not too cartoony i think that's why it works. very good at £1 too, reckon someone could sell that for £30. not many bargains of late actually, i did get a new banadana for £2 on ebay though

  5. First of all, I hope you had a nice Easter break! Well this bunny is too cute and that's a great bargain...I'm curious to see how would you style it in one of your original outfits!

  6. Woah such a bargain! I'm so bad at shopping on the cheap, I never find things like this!


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