Beside The Seaside

I didn't have high hopes for our recent trip to Brighton. However, Brighton scribbled over my assumptions with all the vibrant colours of its paintbox leaving me smiling and very much looking forward to a return trip to it's pebble strewn shoreline.

Brighton has indeed left some beautiful shapes resonating in our memory. Here are but a handful for now:

There is a delicate gossamer melancholy that slinks over seaside towns in Britain. Brighton like many such  places has risen and sunk in and out of fashion since the Georgian era and memories cling to the beaches and the derelict pier that still watches us from it's watery perch.  This melancholy is most probably only detectable to more sensitive souls, but it is there and it is part of the wonderful comeliness of Brighton.

Brighton is only an hour and a half out of London on the train and that costs a mere £6.60. Worth every penny especially if the weather is fine.


  1. I can't remember the last time I went to Brighton, but this is a lovely set of snaps.

    I love carousels! I always want to ride on them but I take a long time deciding which horse to sit on because they all look a bit different. Heehee

  2. it's gorgeous...I like melancholy & I agree it's not for every soul to be sensed or wanted but it balances the constant need for happiness & gratification

  3. i think it's a wonderful place, i've spent a lot of time there as one of my best friends lives there. he knows everywhere which makes it even more rewarding. costs me £65 on the train, damn

    1. £65? Even if you book in advance?? Seriously? Wowsers!

  4. I like getting away to coastal towns. It calms me down. Lovely photography as usual:)

  5. Merry go round~~~

    I haven't been to Brighton in ages!! Wanna go now! XD <3

  6. These pictures are so beautiful. Personally I always feel a certain melancholy when I visit a seaside places when off warm season and when it's not sunny. Hopefully spring will arrive soon...

  7. wow it's beautiful there... a rare sight of good English weather..?! I kid you ^^

  8. I love Brighton seashore. It's so beautiful. I feel that the transformations to it brought but the humans fit perfectly with the nature. This makes me miss ENgland even more !


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