An Assortment of Things: Blush Brushes

Be it blush, bronzer or highlighter, a good brush is an important tool to have. 


From to bottom: Shu Uemura/Rouge Bunny Rouge*/ModelsOwn/Shu Uemura/Bobbi Brown.

Thanks to much trial and error in finding what I can work with best, I have quite a hoard of face brushes and these are my real favourites.

Now when it comes to storage. I like to keep my brushes on their tippy-toes.

I have made use of an empty Bonne Maman jam jar and dressed it up with some MT tape + stickers. 

Sweet and Dandy! It's really easy to do, saves waste, money and gets the creative beans jumping! 

* The RBR Brush was a PR Sample


  1. <3 the Shu and Bobbi brushes! They are so soft and suits me perfectly! Don't you just love that pop of red on the Shu Powder brush? How do you dry your brushes after you clean them? Just wondering :)

  2. really cute diy jar :D
    definitely gonna try it out with some of the deco tape i have. thanks for sharing!

  3. You have some fancy brushes there. =)
    I use an office supply organizer for my brushes..love it!

  4. Ooh, I love how you dressed up the jar. I'm going to have to give that a go! Thank you for the inspiration x

  5. What a cute jar to store your brushes! Great idea! I'm going to buy some jam and tape now :)

  6. I agree that the tools are very important. Nice collection you have there!

  7. you love all this stuff don't you. i keep my big pens in one of those jam jars

  8. You manage to make pretty even a jam jar of brushes! I ma a fan of Shu Uemura products as well!


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