An Assortment of: Envelopes

I am a collector/hoarder/gatherer of a multitude of "things". Some of these things are sentimental, some just visually pleasing  to me, all are precious in one way or another.

I think I like the idea of displaying some of these collections here. 

Today's exhibit is a small arrangement of  Japanese gift envelopes called "shugi bukuro".

Traditionally, a cash gift called a "Oshugi" is given to a bride and groom in these shugi-bukuro.  These were ours.

The envelopes are made of beautiful paper and embellished with "mizuhiki". Mizuhiki is an ancient art form that involves the ornate assembly of decorative rice paper cords.

I am currently teaching myself this traditional skill. I hope to show you my efforts soon.

I hope you are all having an excellent Easter break.


  1. Beautiful, I have such admiration for people who can work immaculately, probably because I am miss Chaotic myself

  2. These envelopes are so beautiful! <3

  3. this is incredibly refined and so pretty. I love to learn about japonese culture.

  4. Oh these are beautiful. I'd love to see your future attempts :)

  5. Those are pretty!

  6. The paper and the mizuhiki are gorgeous! The way they are tied is...amazing! Can't wait to see your efforts!


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