Beside The Seaside

I didn't have high hopes for our recent trip to Brighton. However, Brighton scribbled over my assumptions with all the vibrant colours of its paintbox leaving me smiling and very much looking forward to a return trip to it's pebble strewn shoreline.

Brighton has indeed left some beautiful shapes resonating in our memory. Here are but a handful for now:

There is a delicate gossamer melancholy that slinks over seaside towns in Britain. Brighton like many such  places has risen and sunk in and out of fashion since the Georgian era and memories cling to the beaches and the derelict pier that still watches us from it's watery perch.  This melancholy is most probably only detectable to more sensitive souls, but it is there and it is part of the wonderful comeliness of Brighton.

Brighton is only an hour and a half out of London on the train and that costs a mere £6.60. Worth every penny especially if the weather is fine.

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Pretty Lovely

Some palettes are just so hopelessly beautiful outside and in. How am I to use ever use these?

Visee have been coming up with some gorgeous looking palettes lately. For those that don't know, Visee is a Japanese drugstore brand and you can see more of their offerings [HERE].

I am a lucky girl as all three of the above were gifts from dear my friends Yumeko and Rie.

I decided to decorate my photo in a shamelessly efflorescent manner today. I hope you like it and that you are not holding your breath in hope of swatches!

Drivel about Frivol has swatched the Smacky Glam BR7 palette HERE

Both these palettes are limited editions. While I believe that the Smacky Glam versions are no longer available the Rich blushes can be bought from Ichibankao or Adam Beauty.

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An Assortment of Things: Blush Brushes

Be it blush, bronzer or highlighter, a good brush is an important tool to have. 


From to bottom: Shu Uemura/Rouge Bunny Rouge*/ModelsOwn/Shu Uemura/Bobbi Brown.

Thanks to much trial and error in finding what I can work with best, I have quite a hoard of face brushes and these are my real favourites.

Now when it comes to storage. I like to keep my brushes on their tippy-toes.

I have made use of an empty Bonne Maman jam jar and dressed it up with some MT tape + stickers. 

Sweet and Dandy! It's really easy to do, saves waste, money and gets the creative beans jumping! 

* The RBR Brush was a PR Sample
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All Hail The Cassette Lord

Brightening up Brighton's streets by brandishing his spray can across the many otherwise dull telephone junction junction boxes is The Cassette Lord.

Aren't they just great?!

{Thanks Hiro for the iPhone pics}
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The Shapes of Tea

I am often distracted by the oddest things.

Today, I have found myself mulling over the miscellaneous shapes of teabags. I like the varying textures, the finishes and the attention that went to each one. It's to think that someone put some thought into why each one should be formed in each particular way. From the crystal-like bags of Storm Tea and Tea Pigs to the hand tied muslin Mariage Frères bag, they each brew an excellent cup in my opinion.

You are excused if you are currently thinking how perfectly bland my life must be! After many many hours of whirling around in my own relentless boredom as a teenager, I gradually acquired a knack of procuring some kind of inspiration from the most seemingly mundane of places. Sneer if you will! But this has kept my wandering mind busy and as far away at a safe distance from boredom. The trouble is of course, I now have great difficulty concentrating on what are perhaps regarded as more important things in life! Ooops.
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The Quiet Kaleidoscope

I like playing with light. Light as a versatile material has endless possibilities as its realms are bountiful.

One evening we used light and photography as our private kaleidoscope. 

I am really pleased with the result of our little experiment. Thank goodness for Hiro's steady hands and our little patch of blank wall space.

Thank you for reading.
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Picture Postcard Perfect

A friend of mine sent me a copy of George Barbiers Postcard book and I am utterly delighted with it. Such a gentle gesture of kindess and such a beautiful collection of images.

I must admit my complete ignorance as I had never heard of Monsiuer Barbier and his fine illustrations until this lovely work landed on my desk. I now know that he was a French illustrator who was regarded by many as one of the best of the early 20th century. Sadly he died at the peak of his success.

This sublime selection of postcards by PIE Books is presented alongside a short essay (in both English and Japanese) and is housed within a small hardcover book with a suitably gorgeous slipcase.

There is much viewing pleasure to be had from owning a book like this, and for that reason I highly doubt that I should ever use the postcards. I can't imagine tiring of seeing it.

Available from Amazon.
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This is currently my favourite red lipstick. It's made by MUFE as part of the Moulin Rouge collection. It's called Rouge Artist Intense and it was a kind gift from Justine over at Sakuras + Sunshine.

This is a very pigmented creamy lipstick that provides full moist coverage with a nice sheen in one swipe that lasts and lasts. I might cry a bit when I finish it.

I used the PuddingCam iPhone camera app to take these photos. It's a super fun app to add to a collection and definitely worth checking out I say. Oh and did I mention that it is FREE?

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Bunny in my Pocket

I bought this tee for a single £ in Brighton. It was in a big bin of discounted items outside a shop.

I am really glad that I bought it. I am not usually one for cute furry big-eyed creatures but, this particular bunny was just too cute to leave behind. I think he got me with the pocket posing.

Have you bought any smile inspiring bargains lately?
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An Assortment of: Little People

A plethora of little characters are flourishing on our shelves. Some were gifts from friends, others we rescued or found and a couple just seemed to appear one day.....mysteriously and absolutely nothing to do with me. Honest!

Perhaps I can blame the expansion of this colony of colourful creatures on our apparent childish natures. Maybe the origins of this collection lay in the curious Japanese habit of mascot collecting? Whatever the reasoning, in our home they adorn laptop cases or sit beside porcelain tea cups. Wherever they reside they bring a waft of playfulness that is very much our manner in our minuscule manor.

I hope that you have enjoyed today's assortment. I am sorry for disappearing for a little while. I am back and fully refreshed with a brain full of new ideas that I hope to blog about very soon. Thank you for sticking with me and "welcome" to my new readers. 

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Hourglass Petal

Hourglass' Aura Sheer Petal shaded lip stain is a peachy pink with a tasteful sprinkle of golden shimmer. Rather unsual in my opinion, as most lip stains that I have come across seem to be either matte or glossy, rarely shimmery. It is very light weight, quite possibly because it is water-based. However, it applies in an irritating streaky manner on me. I find that dabbing the stain on with the doe foot applicator before smothing it out with my fingers prevents the unsightly streaks. Enriched with vitamin E and green tea extracts, this is a long lasting product that doesnt dessicate my lips. It also works well under a gloss or balm such as Lanolips Lemonaid. 

Available online from Zuneta and in-store in Liberty, London.
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