The Way of The Crow

A bold shock of colour is an anomaly on my lids yet I am drawn to the intrigue of this vivid dark look.

I scribbled across my eyelids with all the enthusiasm of a child with a pack of new crayons and used ADDICTION "Crow" {swatched here} + JIll Stuart's Amazonite Dazzle {swatched here} to achieve this intense EOTD.

There is much to ponder and celebrate in our darker sides. Boldness is certainly one of them.


  1. I love the way you've described how you've scribbled the colour onto your eyes and the colour is fantastic!

    Thanks so much for your very lovely and flattering comment on my blog *blush* - I really appreciate it. Have a lovely evening xo

  2. you have nice eyes today, i have bad ones. my fat stye going on

  3. Very pretty association !
    In Paris the sun shines again so I went for bold orange. Some sun on my eyelids ! (Btw the tea samples are waiting to cross the pond, let me know if you still want them. ;) )

  4. I've never been brave enough to try colours like blue and green tones as eyeshadow (not sure why, but I thought they do not look very nice with my very dark eyes), but you are such a great source of inspiration that I may give a go...


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