Until I am Useful

In today's irrelevant news report;

a chance sighting of a facetious piece of street art in Shoreditch, an area known for it's general irreverent inclinations leads to inspired multicoloured nail polishing:

The colours used are as follows. Look away now if you do not wish to know the score!

Essie California Coral + Mint Candy Apple. Max Factor, Max Effect Mellow Yellow.

There has been a change to the opening hours of the Fushigi Shop. Due to working commitments, the shop window will only be open from Friday evening to Monday evening.

The shop window will still continue to be stocked with a selection of unique creations. This is an exclusive look into the latest pieces of wonderment.

Since the western world caught the BB cream bug and with forecasters predicting a lasting infatuation on a global scale, Worshipblues has been receiving many emails from inquisitives wishing to know the Old Cow's favourites.

Innisfree Green Tea BB + Hada Labo BB Moist Cream + Skinfood Red Bean BB.

A new gadget has taken a prominent place on the Worshipblues desk. With the rise of the iPhone addiction and the various infectious apps that follow in it's wake, the need to expel some of the trapped images has become overwhelming.

The Polaroid Pogo printer is a mini printer. So mini that it fits in the palm of your hand and inklessly prints 2" x 3" sticker photos in less than 60 seconds. It should be noted that iPhone has blocked the capacity for Bluetooth to communicate with the Polaroid Pogo printer directly and so much messing about is required to find a way around this. Expect a special report very soon!

In other news, the Old Cow has been spotted scampering around in a new very shiny pair of shoes.

I wish you all a very good weekend. Stay safe, have fun, that's all from the Worshipblues team - which is just me.

//Listening to The Pioneers:
all we money gone a hell
and Long Shot - him kick de bucket
Long Shot kick de bucket


  1. Aw...cute post dear! I love street art. It's crazy what inspiring designs you'll find! Also...can't wait to see more pictures! Love that image of your shinny shoes!

    1. Thanks Jazz! I love the shoes but it was so hard to capture the true colour which is rose gold.

  2. really like that you took inspiration from some street art and took the colours from it to paint your nails. if they only knew ay! it's sweet though. be interesting to hear more about this printing thing, i want to know the by-pass secret.

    from the buckets team, signing off

  3. That printer is fabulous! Can't wait to hear more about it x

  4. That street art is awesome! :D

    Aww Totoro is sooo cute!!


    Your new shiny fings are amazing as always :D <3

  5. So many pretty things !
    I love strolling in the sun but alas, due to work obligations this has not happened very often these times.
    I can wait a long time before I'm useful. But hey, who cares about usefulness ? Kant says that what is beautiful is useless. I agree with that statement and must make an educated guess at the colossal amount of beauty stored in me. Quite amazing !
    Loving the colourful nails and the polaroids.

    Your jewelry is really awesome... Maybe I'll need some of the shiny things.

  6. I loved this post! I wasn't sure where it was going, it was just so exciting!

    Your street art inspired nails are lovely, and those pastels are pretty and perfect for spring too!

    That polaroid printer is simply awesome. Would be great to hear how you have gotten around Apple's design! It's wonderful that you have stuck some snaps in your calendar is it? And stickers too!

    1. Hello Jian! I do indeed stick the photos into my diary. It's a nice way to nudge memories in the future.

  7. I love this inscription on the wall. nevertheless I wonder what "don't kook my vagina mean". the jewels creations are splendour.

  8. I need a sign like the first one for my office..lol
    Love the shiny shoes!

  9. I'm thinking of purchasing the Polaroid Pogo printer myself. What's your recommendation on it? BTW Love the shoes <3


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