Speaking of Ridley's Coffee Shop

I popped into the newly opened Ridley's Coffee Shop on Dalston Lane the other day.

I am so glad I did because I met Bumi (who works there) and we talked about many many things.

We talked about the changing face of Dalston. This idea of globalisation. We laughed about African parents and spoke of our views on identity and having roots in Africa. We even percolated the idea of digging out our old Sony Walkmans! YAY!

I enjoyed my coffee and the wonderfully chilled-out pace that Ridley's Coffee instills on the busy lane.

Ridley's Coffee Shop,
Dalston Lane,
Hackney E8.


  1. Aww this looks like a lovely coffee shop! And friendly friendly people too! :D

    Although is this the place you forgot to pay for and ran back into? xD Ahahahaha

  2. looks like a sweet little place, you would be a good tour guide

  3. This looks like an awesome place to hang out, love the style!! xx


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