Scribble Lips

When I was a kid I used to use my pink felt tipped crayola (it may have been strawberry scented) to colour in my lips.

Far too many years later to actually calculate, I find myself doing the same thing!

Revlon's Just Bitten Lip Pens must have been thought up by a once mischievous kid like me.

I liked these lip pens at first, they applied well with the right amount of colour pop and though the lip balm end was nought special, it did the trick and the overall result was brilliant.
Fast forward 6 weeks and the pen tips have dried out and I feel a bit cheated. I don't think that I am being greedy by expecting them to last a good deal longer. I have other lip stains and they are still going months and months after I bought them.
This could have been real LOVE Revlon but you just ain't in it for the long haul with this one are ya!?


  1. These are awesome! I used to do the same as a child! x

  2. Ooo fancy crayola felt tips! I used to have unbranded ones. But I had a lovely plastic 'briefcase' of crayola crayons in a dizzying array of colours that was given to me as a gift as a child. Unfortunately can't really paint your face with crayons, but if I had a scented crayola felt tip I think I probably would have done the same.

    Apparently I read somewhere that these have been pulled out of the US market because people have been unsatisfied by the short life of these. Thankfully mine is still working but probably because I don't use it an awful lot...

  3. At 1st I thought these are brilliant but then like you felt cheated that they only lasted 6 weeks. Xxxx

  4. Yep I found all kinds of lip pens to dry out and go all funny at the tip :( Such a shame!

  5. ahh sucks they dry out so quickly!! i used to paint my fingernails w marker mb my mom wouldn't let me paint them. it didn't end well since i would put my hands on my face throughout the day & the color transferred hahahhaa

  6. No way! You used crayons? That sounds a bit like the green lipstick I had as a teenager that turned red with warmth and stayed on FOREVER. These do look lovely, but if they really only last 6 weeks (like Dvora says) then that would be slightly disappointing. X

  7. I did the same thing as a kid with my scented mr. sketch markers in red and pink - my mom was NOT happy when she saw me, haha. shame that these don't last a long time, I have one that I picked up on a whim and the color was actually rather nice. not a fan of the balm that comes with it though.

  8. I've had the same Revlon lipstain for months and it's still going strong. The lipbalm part is NOT, it broke off by the second day.


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