People Come, People Go

People are in perpetual passing. They come, they go, they run, they stroll, but they never stay put for long. Not in London anyway.

This is a land of Hellos and Goodbyes.

Photos taken on Oxford Street, by Hiro.

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Keep Me in the Dark

Ladies and Gents, kind readers and curious seekers,

Please forgive my intermission in my regular proceedings, life is being rather strenuous and difficult at the moment and one needs to bend it back into shape. I shall be back shortly.

In the meanwhile, here is something that I had been working on before the tide got a bit high:

Inspiration drawn from Mercury and his feathered helmet.
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Soft Mints

Once upon a time, I used to bite my nails.

Painting my nails like refreshing little sweeties is perhaps more hazardous than I first considered!

I used Heavenly White from Misa + Re-freshmint from China Glaze.

The China Glaze polish a little streaky at first but corrects itself on the second coat. The Misa polish is a gloopy one and it takes a bit more time and effort to get a smooth finish.

Thanks for looking x
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Eye Spy: Chenman

Blatant + unashamed suped-up images that take photography to a realm beyond hyper-reality:

Chenman blends her photography with 3d rendering and Photoshop workings to extraordinary effect.

Most probably not everyone's thing but for an inspiration seeker like I, this is good stuff. My brain is buzzing as I type so stick with me and look out for my take on one of Chenman's images.

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Sotheran's Magic Corner

Without a doubt, this is one of my absolute favourite bookshops in all of London. The London branch of Sotherans was established in 1815 and the York branch was founded in 1761. Sotherans is known to be the oldest antiquarian bookseller in the world.

This classically appointed shop, may look a tad bit intimidating from the outside but I would urge anyone to go further than merely pressing your one's nose up against the window.

Sotherans is a bibliophile's dream. Here are housed large and cultivated selections of books on a wide range of subjects.

However, there is one part of the shop that pulls me back time and time again. Like a mosquito to a hippo's hump, I make repeated return trips to the children's book section. Sotherans is host to an enviable selection of rare/antique children's books . Here you can find 1st editions of Harry Potter's adventures, fine editions of illustrated fairy tales, rare copies of books almost forgotten. They are all here.

This corner of the rather lavish West End is an extraordinary place to while away some time. Waves of gentle envy shimmer in my eyes here as I wish and hope that one day.....one fine day, I too shall be master to a collection half as handsome and as beautiful as this!

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I made these. I wish I had more time to make jewellery, but time seems to be escaping my grasp lately.
I feel as though I were trying to catch water with my bare hands.

Available in ||THE FUSHIGI SHOP||
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The Dark Light Mombasa Snapper Club

Friday night was crammed with convivial capers with my bright and sparky clever companions.

London smiles in the moonlight. Darkness doesn't concern her.

I hope that you are all having a good weekend.
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Prelude to Kiss a Mouse

Untwist your thoughts around my title and fix your glare on my nails for this day:

I used American Apparel Nail Lacquer in "Mouse" + Orly's "Prelude to a Kiss".

Mouse applies nice and even and in 2 coats it sits quiet and comfortable on my nails. Prelude to a Kiss is a bit gloopy and streaky on coat 1 but it does fix up and looks lovely with its peach pink pastel icing on a pretty cake hue on coat 2!

I like these interrupted manicures lately! Expect to see more soon.

I have been using Figs + Rouge's lovely Aloe + Mint balm on my lips and nails daily lately. It's great and takes care of my unsightly dry tatty bits. I bought this in Boots for about £4.50 and have since been carting it around everywhere with me. This balm is 100% organic and does not contain petroleum. Brilliant news for me because me and Vaseline can never be friends.

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Here's My Handle, Here's My Spout

I love my teapot. I think she is a most excellent host!

Designed by Kaj Franck for Iittala as part of the Teema range, she is robust, timeless, generous and utterly practical. I can see that we shall be companions for many years to come.

Kaj Franck is often referred to as the conscience of Finnish design. He removed everything excessive in his concepts, leaving only the essentials.

Cakes are an essential occasional treat and this pair bought from Ottolenghi, were just fine.

I declare that you all treat yourselves to something nice with your afternoon tea today.....Go on!
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I'm Still an Animal

I fear dark eyeshadows. So to avert the foreboding, I shall immerse myself into them:

ADDICTION: Star Vega + Flashback

And now my stare is intense.

Sing along to: Miike Snow, Animal.

I change shapes just to hide in this place but I'm still, I'm still an animal
Nobody knows it but me when I slip yeah I slip I'm still an animal
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That Thing

After a spate of unsuccessful book choices on my part, Hiro bought me a Kindle for Christmas.

My fellow book lovers may well be frowning/glowering/fuming at this admission, BUT, I have to say that there are some joyous positives to this device.

Our humble flat has a limited amount of space and our bookshelves are currently laden to the point of overflowing with stories. While I do make frequent trips to our local charity shops with my heavy donations I am also guilty of forming attachments with certain books that I would not think of rereading.

The Kindle is firstly a brilliant space saving device for me. I go through stages of voracious reading in which it is not uncommon for me to devour 2 books in a week and so in it's first month with me, The Kindle has saved me space for 8 books and also saved my wallet too! Now that I have a little collection of "books" mounting up on my virtual bookcase, I have gained a curiously victorious feeling associated with having a large amount of books in my pocket!

Hiro is a clever chap! He knows that, left to my own devices (har-har), I would probably fill the flat, floor to ceiling in skinny tower blocks of books, 90% of which I would admittedly never wish to revisit.

Now the Kindle is not flawless. For example, I would never take it into a bath. I would never loll about a beach with it either! It needs to be charged and though the battery life is excellent, it still needs to be charged. For picture book lovers like Hiro, a Kindle is entirely useless as it is unable to capture the beautiful diagrams and photography that he likes so much.

Having a Kindle with NOT stop me buying REAL books - NOT ON YOUR NELLY! It will stop me wasting space and trees on books that I less than enjoyed. It will save me money which I can then put towards those extra special rare editions that I lust after. See? This is something that a Kindle can never replace .......collectors will always keep this book collection tradition alive!

And so to you hardcore book lovers, I say this; Don't get your knickers in a twist with Kindle readers! Reading in any format is a good thing!

Yes I really do carry my Kindle around wrapped in a piece of Japanese cloth!

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The Zam-Buk Kiss

I have 3 kiss worthy lip balms that I brought back with me from South Africa up for the grabbing today.

These Zam-Buk cherry menthol flavour balms sit pretty in their cute tins. They leave a glossy kiss of blushed colour in their wake and are powerhouses of protection against the elements.

I believe in Zam-Buk!

Zam-Buk is an institution with South African families and has been loved for many many generations as a traditional embrocation. Created in 1903 in Britain, this was first-aid balm treatment for cuts and abrasions. After the discovery of penicillin, it began to vanish from the shelves. However, Zam-Buk survives in it's original form in South Africa where it is used also for muscular aches, insect bites and more (think Tiger Balm but better). This recent innovation as a lip balm is just wonderful and I hope that a few of you may wish to win one of your own as it is not available outside of South Africa!

To Enter:

Just leave a comment in the box below for your chance to win 1 of the three.

You do not need to be a follower- just be nice!

International entries welcome.

Giveaway closes on Friday 17th February at 6pm UK time.

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A Lot of Heart

Gosh! I do wish that Boots would start stocking Physicians Formula! Take a little look at this pretty little blush that I received from my dear mate Sunny all the way from USA.

//Physicians Formula Happy Booster Glow & Mood Boosting Blush #Natural

Shall I leave you to ooh and ahh for a bit?

The fairies in the Physician's Formula marketing department sell this as a mood boosting happy clappy inducing blush. I am deeply moody enough for this to do nothing for me in that department. However, this is a lovely blush with a good colour pay off that applies very well indeed!

The PF blush is available in 2 shades, this natural option that I received is a very pretty peachy petal pink that would suit most skin tones. On me, it imparts a more natural looking flush than a proper blush and the so-called multi-reflective pearls give a nice sheen to my cheeks.

The colours in this happy little compact vary from a beige peach, pink peach to rose pink. Combined together (final swatch on the right), it creates a most wearable shade of delightful.

Thank you Sunny for giving me the chance to try this!
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In my hunt to find moisture retaining potions for my skin, I often come across some really rather useless items and one of these has to be My Beauty Diary Chamomile and White Lily Skin Concentrate.

This is a very light gel with a watery consistency. The gel is so watery that I cannot believe this having any moisturising effect on any skin.

The scent is reminiscent of hotel cleaning fluid. Floral, cheap and far too strong to be healthy for the face.

Can you tell that I am really pissed off with this stuff? It's the most useless night time treatment that I have come across yet. If you are looking to try a sleeping mask, try the two that I mention HERE.

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And So The Wanderer Returns

Hello lovely readers! I have returned and though it is bitterly, bitterly cold, I am glad to be back in London. There is so much for me to miss here and part of that package is blogging.

My trip to Cape Town with work was once again intensely busy leaving just one day for frolics and so it was that I loaded as much adventure as my jet lagged self could take.

I am afraid that these were all taken on my iPhone using the Hipstamatic app . I had not space in my luggage for the usual selection of cameras o this occasion. However, one mustn't complain, this was a fantastic memory nonetheless.
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