2012 in Finale

These past few days has been time preserved for our friend who is visiting us from Tokyo. We've taken him to many places and seen a great many things. Little things that are easily overlooked and so they fall into the cracks of everyday nevermindfulness. 

This is a perfect way to pull the curtains on 2012 and kick-down the door on 2013.

Life has a habit over moving at cosmic speed and before we know it, we have missed the little details that make us feel alive and their ain't no wheel and come again from the selecta in the sky.

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How Many?

Faces, faces, faces everywhere. We spotted this bit of meticulously busy street art emblazoned on the facade of a neglected building. This is better than CCTV. All those vigilant eyes regarding passersby. Nothing slides past unnoticed.

“Your face, my thane, is as a book where men
May read strange matters. To beguile the time,
Look like the time; bear welcome in your eye,
Your hand, your tongue: look like the innocent flower,But be the serpent under't. ” Shakespeare.

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Beautiful Blunders

My incompetence is at its most ridiculous when it is applied to my beauty routine. 

Here are my top three incurably habitual blunders for your amusement and mine:

Blitz that Zit!
I just cannot leave a whiteheaded spot alone. It begs to be burst.....Regretfully, I have an astonishing habit of doing this just after applying makeup and just before I step out.   And each time I do, no sooner than I do, I regret it baneful and curse my frailty at the bloody mess I make of my face. Oh how I annoy myself.

Ever Uneven
Why is it that ever other woman/girl/anyone out there can apply eyeliner/eyeshadow/eyelashes with such composed symmetry and I cannot? My eyes never look the same. I can never replicate what actions I manage on one on t'other. I am blaming this on my astigmatism. That much be the reason!

I am a panda
Eyecream is something I often forget to use. I leave post-it notes on the mirror, I input alarms on my phone. Nothing works. Nothing kick-starts my memory. I am certain that my eye luggage will reach my cheeks soon. 

I am an exasperating excuse for a beauty blogger but I amuse myself endlessly in my  pursuit for comeliness.

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Last Minute....

I'd wager that most of you re far better organised than we are. Christmas is on our doorstep and we have yet to finish our food shop! I have avocados to find, an enormous order collect from our fishmongers, vegetables to cart home, wine to drink and buy......and here I am messing with makeup!

I had a dream that peach and grey would make a smashing combination and I don't think my dream was wrong...

\\ War paint:

Hada-Labo BB Cream, Lunasol Lighting Eyes #04 palette, Terry Ombre Blackstar in Black Pearl, Illamasqua Blush in Lover.

The Terry Ombre is a joy to use. I blob a bit at the ends of my lids and use a brush to smudge it into a little smoke signal. I then blend in a little neutral ashen sparkle from the Lunasol palette. A doddle to do, even in a rush!

My shirt was a real bargain. I bought the above 2 mens shirts for a mere £6.00 from my local second hand shop.

I did do a little Christmas shopping. I managed to find a dandy pack of glittersome skulls to unceremoniously hang about the place. They shall keep me company as the men in my life tend to fall asleep after dinner leaving me to drink and dance and act the utter fool on my own.

Must dash now...Hiro is glaring at me! 

If I don't manage to blog tomorrow.......

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!! May it be wonderfully, magically and delightfully peculiar xx

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Sky Tree vs The Moon

Tokyo's Sky Tree opened to the public this year. Hiro has much love for high places and so climbing this 634 metre tree was a must-do for us. Thankfully they have a high-speed lift!

The lifts are emblazoned with jewel-like Edo-Kiriko panels. A nice tribute to the traditional Tokyo craft of cut glass. There are many more subtle nods to the craftsmanship of long ago in this strikingly bold observation tower. For instance, Sky Tree's exterior facade is inspired by the temple structure techniques from Nara and Heian periods of 'sori' (slightly concave) and 'mukuri' (slightly convex). 

The views are incredible. The one above is from the Tembo Deck, 350m up. Lights for as far as you can see. Like an endless galaxy at your feet.

Tickets are hard to get hold of and can be rather pricey so I would advice booking in advance and going at night because Tokyo is beautiful in the dark. We managed to visit Sky Tree thanks to Hiro's wonderful dad who got our tickets as a special treat. He too is fearless with heights.

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The Ghosts of The Victorian Heroic Dead

Little Britain was once a scrambling little district that housed buildings of splendour and dilapidation within its boundary. It is said that its network of narrow streets and courts were home to many apothecaries. I don't know about you but my mind does some fantastical somersaults at the very thought of this!

Sadly today, Little Britain has been reduced to a single street and it is exceedingly mundane in appearance.

However, sitting silently beside it is the rather curious Postman's Park.

Oddly quiet and unpopulated for a City Park even on a sunny day, this appears to be more of a throughway than a spot to sit and enjoy fine weather.

At the heart of the park is a memorial dedicated to "heroic self-sacrifice", a tribute to past Londoners who gave up their lives to save another.

This is certainly one of London's more peculiar parks with its assortment of  floral abundance and goldfish pond hemmed in with office blocks and gravestones. 

All this aside,  I find myself particularly moved by the Memorial which commemorates those ordinary people who died saving the lives of others and might otherwise have been forgotten. London has some wonderful gem's to discover.

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Regular readers will know that I do bite my thumb at floral fragrances yet tip my hat and dip my skirt hem in a flouncy fidgety curtsey at anything that may make me smell like a distinguished and wonderfully eccentric gentleman. Such were the feelings roving in my mind when I found a bar of Mr Natty's Cold Pressed Handmade Shipwreck soap winking at me.

Made with a handsome blend of earthy woodsome vetyver and patchouli and a pinch of cocoa because no one is sweet enough. I can can fearlessly raise my arms and hands and vouch for the thorough yet gentle cleansing properties of this soap but I most enamoured  with the scent! I imagine a sexy pirate a-la-mon-wild-imagination might smell like this and I highly recommend both ladies and gents alike getting a good whiff of this if you spot it on a shelf somewhere.

Anyway, it's late and I have shipwrecked dreams awaiting me! :)

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Old Favourites

I think most ladies have some tried and tested, loved and still adored make up favourites. Items that make us rush to scribble on our shopping lists once we hit pan, or have us buying in bulk "just in case".

When it comes to eye makeup there are a few things that I find myself systematically repurchasing. 

\\ Visée Glam Hunt Eyes G4

Purchased this and repurchased when I misplaced it. I just adore the dusty rose hues and I have not come across another palette quite like it. There is something sexy about the meeting of the words "smokey" and "rose" and somewhere in those thoughts is the reason for my persistent love of this palette.

I buy back-ups of this when I go to Japan but you can get hold of it via http://www.apopofkawaii.com/

The NARS eyeshadow base is also still holding on as a firm favourite |REVIEW HERE|.

The MUFE Aqua Eyes pencil is a lovely light beige pinky champagne shade that helps perk up my eyes when doodled on just below the water line. |REVIEW HERE|

It's nice to try new make up but old favourites are always the best.

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So much sushi

You cannot go to Japan and not indulge in some real sushi. You just can't and more to the point..you mustn't.

This was my 1st trip back in autumn and it was a true treat for my palate. In Japan food is extraordinarily seasonal and the fish is no exception. If you love Japanese food, then a trip to Japan in Autumn will never disappoint.

We made a couple of trips to Sushi Taka in Shinyurigaoka and we behaved like gluttons.

\\ Shirasu gunkan - tiny fresh whitebait topped with ginger and negi. This was delicious with a nice kick from the ginger and an interesting texture.

\\ Kani zushi - fresh snow crab claw. Sweet, juicy and very soft in the mouth.

\\ Ikura gunkan - Hokkaido salmon roe. I cannot get enough of this and it is so perfect with crisp fresh nori.

\\ Chutoro - medium fatty tuna, so fresh that it melts in your mouth. I cannot eat tuna in UK as for some unknown reason supermarkets only seem to stock that bloody red dark tuna steak stuff that I just can't swallow.  Terribly stuck of me I know but, it just can't be helped.

\\ Hikarimono Sushi - Three seasonal silver fish namely, sanma (saury), aji (horse mackerel) and kohada (gizzard pike). Robust satisfying flavours. I may have had 2 portions.

\\ Mirugai - this is a type of saltwater clam. I am a bit timid when it comes to shellfish sushi but Hiro is a big fan of this.

\\ Negitoro gunkan - chopped tuna and spring onion such a good combination and the taste packs a punch.

Sushi Taka served delicious sushi and though it does have a conveyor belt for people to take dishes from. My father in law told me that it is far better to order from the chefs as this will guarantee freshness and it doesn't cost a penny more. So why not!

We settled our meal with a nice cup of matcha which was very civilised after all the sake gulped down. I was most impressed with the hot water taps at the end of each table too!

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Ma Paw Hands

My hands have been taking a battering like never before and so I am back on my pursuit to find a perfect paw ointment.

\\ Majolica Majorca Pantomine Hand Cream

Jolly seasonal no? This was an impulse buy in Japan, I was probably sucked in by the curious packaging once again. 

This is part of their Circus Ecstasy collection and the hand cream is scented with their Majoromantica fragrance which is a playful fruity/floral girly affair that I am not terribly fond of because it makes me smell like (heaven forbid) a girl! That aside, this is a  effective cream that takes a little longer than some creams to sink into the skin and though it does leave a slightly greasy film on the skin, I enjoy this barrier when I am out and about in the frosty air.

\\ Aesop Resurrection Aromatique Hand Balm

I've been enjoying this much fabled (ahahahah get it?) hand balm with it's refreshing aromatic fragrance. Scented with mandarin, rosemary and atlas cedarwood, it is distinctly unisex. My parched paws drink this up resulting in no greasiness so this is great for when I am working on making things. However, I do have a a couple of quibbles and the first is it's packaging. Though the metal tube seems sturdy, the edges tend to break open at the bends and make a mucky fiasco. Really frustrating and I would expect better for a cream with an £18.00 price tag.

So there you have it. One for the road and one for the home. These are my current favourite hand creams. What are yours?

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Playing with Pixels

The glow of Tokyo at night is astounding. Light spills from everywhere. The Uniqlo and Bic Camera store in Shinjuku caught our attention with its blemishless facade and striking graphics.

Positioned within the entrance were interactive panels with cameras that steal your image, pixelate it and let the Bicqlo logo dance on your face!

Tokyo never ever sits still or bores me.
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Much ado about sending happiness

Each year tonnes of nengajo (Japanese New Year greetings postcards) are sent in Japan. I'm getting busy sorting ours out...

2013 will be Heisei 25 in Japan and a year of the snake. I've got snakes for my cards but don't want to spoil the surprise for the recipients in case they are spying on my blog :)

By the way, "Heisei" refers to the current era of the reigning emperor in Japan. 

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Pegasus is the name of a chunky glitter nail polish by the Korean brand Innisfree. It caught my attention because it is such an unusual shade with it's rose gold, silver and white assortment of glitteriness that I found myself quite taken by it at first glance.

Isn't it lovely? Isn't it won-der-ful?

It brings to mind convoluted images of an art-deco mansion in neglected decline. Picture it...peeling white paint, dilapidated rose gold fixtures. 

I've decided to wear Pegasus on top of OPI's Pearl of Wisdom as it has a lovely dichroic effect with a subtle shimmery lustre.

Excuse my battered fingers. Jewellery making. sewing and art has taken it out on them a bit but it is a satisfying feeling to have.

Pegasus does contain large glitter particles of many shapes and so a good topcoat is essential! I always use Japanese gel topcoat for this task as they are thicker and do a marvellous job of holding down the glitter under a smooth, clear and super glossy layer.
I use Parado gel coat with Pegasus.

If you are interested in trying the Parado gel coat. I have a spare one that I can sell for £12.00 (UK only) do email me if you are interested.

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